Air conditioner Indoor unit fan/blower Motor test |Ac Motor connection,wiring diagram,resistance #1

Subscribe You Tube channel Forever Tech to get latest update of every upcoming video Asalam-ul-alakum friends I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching my YouTube channel forever Tech in which we are making amazing and informative videos so friends today we will talk about air conditioner blower motor in which we will tell you how can you test AC blower motor and how can you fix one brand blower motor into other brand after watching this video you won't have any difficulty! if you are new to our channel so I always request you to Subscribe our channel and press bell icon so that you can get every upcoming video notification so lets go to working table where we have set up whole setup! this is the setup as you see five motors this one is indoor blower motor its connector is three plus three which looks like this it comes in this model some motors okay! this is also indoor blower motor so it seems like this! and in some models DC and non DC inverters are in which these models are also present see two plus two and two four cables are we will tell you in detail about all these! these motors are also present but they are in outdoor units but we will talk about these two motors and will tell you in complete detail when you have to check these motors and if you are working at any site and you do not have same model motor so how can you check and fix it into another brand model same as in the other model! we will tell you in detail first of all we will tell you how can you test motor either this motor is okay or not if you are in workshop or outside how can you test it? lets go! I am gonna give you complete demonstration for checking you need a multi meter beyond this you have to check motor okay! I will draw a diagram how can you test it as you can see this motor connector this is its power connector in this you have to pass electric so this motor starts running but these three are its feedback PG or FG PG stands for Pulse Generator FG means Frequency Generator In spite this if you are at any site and you dont have this brand same motor…..for example you have this motor how can you fix this brand motor into other? you can attach this and on motor we will teach you first of all we will tell you its testing method so friends now we will show you and tell you its testing method through diagram and through multi meter we will teach you how can you check it okay! first of all we will draw a diagram how inside motor blinking happens according to it first of all we will make winding which internally seems like this we will name it run winding then there is another winding like this which we will name as start winding okay! then internally these are connected like this they are connected like this so common point comes over here which we will name as common point so these are attached internally like this now the thing is that connector is not attached here or wires are opened or this diagram is not on it for some reason so how you will check which wire is common which is start and which one is run you need a multi meter then you can check it easily now I will tell you how can you check it you do it on Ohms and Kilo Ohms we have this meter so we have take this meter you can take any meter you have first of all check any two points so lets check red and white first we checked red and white its making 695 Ohms okay! we have taken white for W plus red R is equal to 695 Ohms okay! so this value comes….now we will check next wires and pin point any two points so we will take black and red okay when we will check black and red as you can see it have gave value 362 ohms red R plus black B is equal to 362 ohms so this is our second value now we will test third value of black and white it comes 334 Ohms black B plus white W is equal to 336 Ohms now these values are cleared now we will find out which one is common how we will find out running and starting? so first of all we have test W R means white and red which is giving 695 Ohms this means these both resistance combines and shows us value if we name this R1 and other R2 and plus both R1 + R2=695 Ohms so this value comes it means these two points we are joining now you can name it for example we are saying it run winding so we will say it white point and this is red point okay! when we are attaching prog to these two wires we are getting 695 Ohms this means are common point is which two wires are remaining and two we kept on testing and we got value and the third wire is our common point this is common or black wire you can find easily its common point and easily you can know it is its common point after this common comes black common C is equal to black wire now we have to find out in this which is running and starting we know right now but if we don't know how we will get to know? for this when you checked black and white its showing 335..


Ohms this means which value is low black and white is running value that is running wire this means when we will attach prog to black and white we are getting value 336 Ohms this means white wire is running because running value shows always less value and start winding has high value as compare to running winding this means when we check red and black its giving 362.. Ohms goes up and down giving a bit different values this means red wire is started we have find out all wires that black is common ,white is running and start is red wire now we know all values we will install capacitor in it always remember this that which is common point always Line or Line electric means phase is given so Line is installed in it if you will install neutral your motor will get hot now we will wipe it up! now we will attach capacitor here comes our capacitor and we joined its second point now our capacitor is installed Run we know is white and Red is start this means when its running we will put neutral on it neutral wire comes on it and its joined with capacitor so in this way you can check it easily and you can install any motor here easily here problem comes of rotation as you can see this arrow in this when your rotation goes clockwise so then it will work properly otherwise if it runs anti clockwise its pulse will not make properly and then your blower will work opposite and when it will work oppositely it will throw air inside not outside but working clockwise blower will throw air outside and will suck air from upward and throw downward you can move it reverse and inverse for this we will tell you in next video so friends you watched the video and hope so you enjoyed the video so this was its theoretical part its practical part we will show you in next video we will upload it soon hope so you enjoyed and liked the video meet you in its next part

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