ac repair in hindi urdu /tripping problem with english subtitle

hello friends welcome to my channel plz like share and sub my channel in this video i will show you how to troubleshoot ac tripping problem this ac have a tripping problem lets check ampere ampere are high with some reason lets find it now we are checking volts volts are good between 220 to 240 lets check outer now we are checking volts in running condition some times volts are drop in running condition due to bad wire or very lengthy wire volts are fine checking again amps you see amperes are high lets see data sheet in data sheet amps are 5.7 in normal condition in this situation lets check capacitor capacitor is fine lets check compressor there is no fault in compressor how to check compressor link in description now we are checking gas pressure friends gas back pressure is around 80 which is high in R22 normal 60 to 65 psi release some amount of gas 65 psi is ok lets check amps amps are in normal range plz like share

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