A Saturday Spent Installing A GREE FLEXX On My House!

hey guys it seems to be misting rain today
but uh we're fixing to do this this is that gray Flex system that I'm putting
on my house I went ahead and mounted it on this I am so looking forward to this so here
we go stay tuned [Music] what we're replacing I know it's a shame this is on my house but
uh this is it it's still running so we can Pump It Down we have already we've already seen our first
snake fortunately it was dead foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music] foreign [Music] all right so this is the snake we found see that orange stripe around the back of
his head I don't know what that is you stay close girl oh this is gonna be all voltage monitor I
just had to use this instead of a instead of a surge protector we're having
to dig away for this to get through there you want to try yeah just do a little at a time all right okay we had to take a duck loose hmm it's got mastic on it hmm what do you
think about putting something less tall underneath it that way it'll line up better all right
so that lines up a lot better are you good with your sitting yeah this looks good I'm
down here to help us girl boss I'm gonna be honest with you this return
over here all right so my little girl out here decided to help us out a little bit and
now we got to run to the shop and get some more seal type fittings that one's gonna be
good I mean that one's usable decided to put this close to the disconnect because I have
a stud right here that I can screw into why while he's going to pick those up I'm gonna
continue working here [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] all right in case y'all are wondering that
row mix this right here that Romex is going to the air handler and
this power right here is going to my condenser so we're running the entire system off of
140 amp breaker that's all it needs it ain't gonna pull no more than like 20 amps tops
with inside and outside running we got this basically in place together foreign that's why this side's so heavy got your compressor
this is sort of an accumulator and all this copper and stuff in here [Music] foreign we're still a long ways from being done we
haven't done the line set yet but thermostat wires hook up like a normal thermostat Brown
for common red white on W1 some of these will have a d right there that's for defrost blue
yellow and I've got green hooked up I'll show you how I I have it right now we are fixing to go into the house and take
a look at that okay we've got blue yellow white for W1 that should come from my um condenser and I think I'm gonna hook up this green right
here because there's a spot for it outside but I put in a fuse for red because I don't
see any fuse on this thing this is for my heat strips but we ain't using them and of course here's my power and my power
is coming from outside okay so my both my greens are hooked up we basically just have to do our line set and we're done foreign foreign [Music] [Music] foreign mm-hmm I'm how about that I got it all right got that one I forgot to insulate
it first so I'm gonna have to come along behind and do that next is this one foreign there we go all right now let's do that same
thing inside this wrench just don't fit oh it just went
on how about that thank you all right for some
reason my other setup was not working I'm down to 442 microns [Music] I'm down to 234 microns okay I'm gonna set
the utility over voltage and under voltage limits on this [Music] I'm gonna put it at 265.


[Music] all right
so if it gets above 265 it'll shut off and if it gets below 208 it'll shut off Vacuums at 216. I'm fixing the valve it off
and open this up might see that right now I have no voltage because that voltage monitor
is not going to allow voltage to pass for four minutes after it Powers off we just powered
up [Music] I had no 24 volts going outside I don't know about to the thermostat hmm no wonder all right LEDs have changed to own and in about five minutes I'll get a call
for you I am able to check total lamp draw and the
whole system right now is pulling 8.4 amps thank you am I getting any temperature oh these are going to be the same because I'm running in heat I got Nile temperature right now everything's already driven all right so this is its typical noise you
may have noticed that this is not level I'll put it on the stand at my shop and leveled
it up there but apparently my concrete is not level there is a way to level it up but I'm not
going to do that today well guys thanks for watching this video I
finally got this done I bought it like 10 months ago and we finally got this installed
it's going to have some nice advantages thanks for watching and I'll catch you on the next
one [Music]

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