Would You Ruin Your HVAC Business to Serve the Customer?

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Can I interject for one moment because This is my shirt Stephen this is a Formality of me saying that I'm just Gonna keep talking But I uh I was thinking about something Earlier and you just kind of went right Into it right there Uh and I was thinking in my head you Know because I had this whole video the Other day how I hated sales and I kind Of explained one part of sales that made My skin crawl and you say you set out Because you wanted to make the customer Uh satisfied and when there was an issue You wanted to man up and take care of it And I think that's a good thing and here Here's my thought on this To be a good service company In just a service industry kind of way a Service Company you have to be willing To fail To take care of the customer Does that make sense yeah Are you is it does that encapsulate what You are doing and I don't intend anybody To fail I'm just saying you know people Have crisis of conscience there you know If I tell someone I did this wrong we're Going to lose money I already don't have Any money we're gonna have an issue so You have a conflict right there are you The type to say well we're gonna do it Anyway Yeah

That's tough that's real tough Um If I've screwed it up I mean I've I've had two instances where we had Float switch problems on either major Repairs or Um after an installation And we've caved in two ceilings and that Sucks Like that does suck you take a what was A profitable job and you just Completely erase it You'd be better off having said no I Hate you I don't want to do any work for You at all because They just never show up again never Answer the phone again because that's What happens right that's that's what The industry not as known for but like The cautionary tells they line up around He doesn't answer his phone anymore yep And I'm glad it is that's an extreme Difference there the guy who just runs His company into the ground to serve the Customer and the guy who just never Enters the fine but it's hard to make That decision and I do think that you're One of the guys who would do it that's Why I entered the conversation there's Been times that I've wanted to do Um not necessarily charity jobs but work For people that needed it that couldn't Afford US Um where we haven't

Because we don't have The revenue Uh Surplus I guess Um but if I've made a call and it ends Up being right wrong Or the bad call I stand behind my Decision and I'll make it right whether It's you know losing money or Put an egg on my face Have you had any Issues in particular that were stand out In this area that you had to do Something like that or just run of the Mill Um I put in a compressor once That wasn't necessary Until I found out Misdiagnosed yep okay I don't think you Know you're smiling but I think Everybody in here has probably done that They just might not say it they have Something along those lines but okay That is the one that probably was the Most embarrassing most uh painful Because it literally took me Hours of a day probably six hours or so To get this compressor it was on a Rooftop Oh my gosh And uh I got the new compressor in there I was proud of myself because hey I got It finished turn the power on and it Sounds like it's running backwards just

Like the old one I was like And why am I doing this and it turned Out to be the contactor had a lot like And I completely missed it Wow okay Well that's good of you I've been you Know honestly I've been in the Situations like that in the past and I Have not done the right thing honestly Speak nah there's no point in running And hiding uh But that's good I think and I admire That that's really really good that you Did that because sometimes that can cost You more than you think you can bear When you do something like that so That's good Thank you [Music]

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