Why All HVAC Techs Eventually Go Insane

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Ready for another day of work and I'm Gonna tell you what I feel psyched up For repairing some air conditioners I Feel just I feel just a 100 excited let's get Going Hello Any what Why did you just pick him up when you Went to Walmart yesterday You were physically in the Walmart Yesterday No it's fine all right I'll talk to you Later [Music] I'll write it one call down it was just A run cap and man I'm feeling like a Million bucks I knew what it was already Just from the guy going it made some Humming noise I feel like a genius I am a genius I may be the greatest Technician Foreign Okay so what kind of noise is it like a Sputtering Never heard a car sound like that in my Life Yeah I'll take a look at it when I get Home it might be dark when I get home Well I don't know it's summertime people Call me And dumbly No I don't have a Okay I'll see you a little bit later bye

That blower motor would not come off the Shaft and I'll tell you what I was about to lose it I was about to Lose Okay Hello No no no no no man no my next call is Not that's not my next call it's Bobby's Next call Whatever he goes home every time he Sneezes Okay Just tell him to stay for the next call I already have like 50 calls Don't hire people that are fragile He's like a baby dove I don't I don't care who's dad I mean I mean I I respect I respect the owner I Know it's not what To call it [Music] Well I know my Mr duck couldn't do it Crawl space his little fat butt couldn't Even fit in the door The pieces are coming together Hello Yes dear No sorry come on Saturday night The game is on Saturday night I told you about watching the game Sitting alone and that's all I'm gonna Do Saturday night to sit alone

And watch the game Alone I don't even like them why would you Invite them to our home See here here's the part I don't Understand is you know I hate their guts And you're going to invite them to our Home where I can't leave and go home Because I'm already there I don't care who cares if your mother Likes them No all right well next time you invite Someone over to the house give me some Warning so I can leave the country I'm gonna quit quit this job And just sell drugs I'm just gonna sell drugs Oh [Music] Then Then Okay Let's let's go home let's go home let's Go home Hello I have I'm pulling out of the last call Right now about to head home Why Again that was snowflakes call and I'm Done it is eight o'clock P.M Nightfall Is coming tell them we'll Well Where where is it at where's the call at I have no doubt yeah I'm sure it's full

Of babies and elderly people yeah Just can't even get to the door because Of all the babies and elderly people I'm Sure all right well I'll look it up and then I'll head over There and it's not very far is it Okay I'm looking it up now [Music] [Music] Thank you

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