What’s In The Box: Milwaukee Drywall Collated Magazine Attachment

Hi everyone Brian Wavra with Acme Tools
we've been contacting our manufacturers to see if they can send us new and
innovative products we're going to take a look and see what's in the box alright
so what we've got something from Milwaukee we've got their 28 66 – 20
cordless drywall gun that's we've all seen before but here's what's new this
is the 49 – 2200 1 collated magazine attachment inside the box we've got the
collated screw attachment and we've got a couple
drivers just from the out shoot taking a look at this we can run a few different
size screws anywhere from our one inch to two inch yeah depth of Drive dial right here
we've got depending on what type screw you have there's a little knob on the
front here we move that over we can adjust our footplate out so if we're
running a two inch screw you can do this all the way out to get to the right
depth now from what I understand any brand of strip screws will work let's
get these feet up and in here what I can tell we're going to be moving up through
the bottom underneath and we'll slowly feed these up till we're in a position
let's see how that does well let's set our depth of our screw there we go
getting closer there we go right where it needs to be now just to
see how it feeds will knock off probably four or five screws just to get a good
feel for it the depth stayed consistent what we're really looking for wasn't
hard to load or unload so I think if you're familiar with the correlated
systems this is going to be very easy for you to get into if it's something
that's brand new and you're running the milwaukee platform if you do a lot of
drywall or some remodeling this is something that you're definitely going
to want to look into thanks to milwaukee tool for sending us
the correlated drywall attachment we appreciate you watching stay tuned for
more and remember always do your best work


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