What is CH10 error in LG AC? | LG AC CH10 Troubleshooting Guide | 2021

so hello guys!
in this video, we're gonna talk   about the LG AC"CH10" error code.
So let's see! What is the meaning of CH10 error?  So the meaning is the fan motor is 
not working or FAN motor failure. So the point is,
The indoor unit fan motor feedback signal   is absent for 50 seconds.
So it will appear CH10 in our AC remote. Let's see the main reasons! So the first reason is the motor 
connector connection fault.  As you can see this is the connector, 
and the next reason will be this PCB.  As you can see this is the indoor unit PCB.

So the next reason will be indoor unit PCB faulty.  And the third number is fan 
locked by external factors. And the fourth number is motor sub PCB 
fault. As you can see have there is two PCB,   and this is the sub PCB actually. And upside this one is the main PCB.
So maybe the problem is in both PCBs. So guys let's check step by step first of all 
check the motor is running by hand or not.

pexels photo 3964704

Maybe if it is locked, you 
will face the ch-10 error. because sometimes it locked then check the connector if it is 
connected in the right place or not.  because sometimes the connector 
is not in the right place. then make sure if the connector is connected well.
or  check if the connector is broken or 
If the wire burning from somewhere  you must check All
and in the last  re-check power and installation condition also So that's it, guys!  see you in the next video
until then bye bye

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