Update to Easy Milwaukee PACKOUT Mod (Tool Box Organization) #short

hey everybody it's the old tech guy and today i wanted to go ahead and show you an update to one of my milwaukee pack out mods that may save you some space for those of you who don't know what i'm talking about please check out my channel on my milwaukee pack out mod series we're doing some interesting things and i'm always updating i'm sure you'll enjoy it so let's go ahead and see what i've done this milwaukee pack out mod that i did added this cobalt magnet right here but the previous mod had these butterflies from the lag bolts sitting right out here and you were taking up some room in there and we want to reclaim that room so we went ahead and added this quarter inch screw here and here that makes it nice and flush with the magnet and we've placed these nuts check it out right there and the other one right inside the pillar i'm sure i'm not sure if you can see that well but it's right in there inside the pillar with the ridges and this has allowed me to regain that space back please check out my series and subscribe if you haven't done so this is ed the old tech guy signing off


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