Troubleshooting With Thermal Imagery

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okay so we have a very hard case here
very heavy-duty case keep the tool protected it's a valuable tool we want
to keep it protected some soft foam on the top some high density foam on the
bottom we have a spare battery we have a charger and we have a plug-in for the
charger now we have some adapters here if you live outside of North America
these adapters or for different receptacles and what not and this here is
your instructions let's take some readings and some images this video is brought to you by a trades only platform helping you find the right job or the right
candidate or best in trade first thing we want to do is open up the
camera lens and we do that just by moving a little tab at the bottom here
and that opens up the lens if we flip it around we now view what is in front of
the camera we can see that soft foam there to take a picture snapshot is very
easy we pull the trigger that takes a snapshot we can see the battery light is
flashing there it needs to be charged no big deal but we can still demo the rest
of this tool on this low battery to go back into your pictures that you've
taken it's very easy we just hit this play button and we see a list of
pictures come up right there so they've made this tool super easy to navigate so
we hit this middle button here we can see the settings come up right there and
we can scroll image mode measurement color and temperature scale so we go
back to settings device settings one of the cool things we can do in device
settings is we can go to Wi-Fi we can look for networks and if you can connect
your phone and the tool to the same network what you can do is you can sync
the tool to the app the FLIR tools app and then you can transfer the images
from the tool straight to your phone okay so we're on a roof here we got a
bunch of rooftops we got some snow on the ground so I'm going to show you what
the view looks like from the FLIR E8 XT so there's the rooftops there and you
can see that right there with the crosshairs is that is the warmest spot
of the rooftop that is where the fan motor is so that's where most of the
heat is coming from and we could see all of them there quite clearly and the
difference in temperature so I have some readings that I've taken on some jobs
and some images I've taken I'm gonna go and show you those right now we have a
Dakin mini-split here some insulation issues what we'll have to rectify but if
we look through the tools eye we can see the hot and cold spots and what I found
interesting about this one is that we can see where the condenser is warm and
where the condenser is cool that the top portion of the condenser is warm and the
bottom section is cool which is very interesting to me so this is a pretty
cool one this is a two-stage unit two-stage heating unit okay and the
venter motor is running for both but we only have one stage fired the first stage
here the second stage here is not fired if we look through the FLIR you can see
that night and day very cool stuff so this is a pretty cool
one guys we got to condense here up and running with a Bitzer compressor in it
we use the FLIR see where all the heat is now here's the filter drier we find plug
filter driers by checking the temperature difference across them now
how easy is it just to shine the tool on there
very quickly diagnose that problem if we were having it okay so now the water is boiling inside
but the surface of the tank is obviously going to be a little bit cooler than the
water inside so we're showing about 183 degrees and if we pan over to the header where the steam comes out
that is now glowing orange and we can see
a light glow right above it there a little bit cooler than the pipe itself
because it's cooling as a leaves so we're up and running this is working
everything is good to go alright so I just finished up replacing this fan
motor on this Lennox unit eater in my hands are filthy because it's kind of
dirty up here but I wanted to show you the FLIR E8 and just take a couple
snapshots of the heat exchanger and behind the fan motor and the way we do
that is we just take the trigger and we pull it we can get a snapshot of the burner and just to show you guys in relative
terms the temperature difference between here and something like the dock door
well that deep purple there is actually the air infiltration coming from outside
around that dock door so we want to make sure when we're done we're gonna close
this lens back off we're gonna put this back into the case keep it nice and
protected with all its parts now this thing here is incredible for
troubleshooting for checking different things like infiltration of air coming
into a home or a building electrical panels anything that generates heat
that's it guys that's the FLIR E8 XT hope you enjoyed the video
happy HVACing

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This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through links. Learn more on my Private Policy page.

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