Top 5 Must Have Milwaukee Hand Tools!

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so welcome back to our channel you may have 
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the top five our five favorite yes our five   favorite milwaukee hand tools yes the 
hand tools we're going to be doing the   top five so we're haze machinery this is our 
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prize so stay tuned for that so let's not stand on   ceremony let's start the show and at number five 
is the red stick level yes the milwaukee spirit   levels they do two different types they do basic 
sort of domestic version lightweight version and   then they do this beauty which is called the 
red stick this is the 48 inch but they do from   12 inch right up to six feet yes 72 inch levels 
they're beautiful levels they're extremely well   made they're extremely tough they are designed 
for the you know proper pro user but they are just   absolutely lovely they've even got a magnesium 
crank case in the middle and make it last longer   and if you've got you know a bit of a challenge 
in your workplace you can actually use them and   put them over a cross beam like this and do pull 
ups with them because they're that strong there's   apparently a video somewhere on youtube of 
that so check that out right let's move on   to number four so in at number four is the stud 
tape measure yes the stud so if you're a stud   this is what you want because it's got your name 
on it and why i'm a walking tape measure they   do lots of different sizes right down to little 
small ones right to really big eight meter ones   and they're really really good they're tough and 
they go out longer than pretty much every other   tape measure on the market this one here is 
rated at four meters that's four meters with   your hand holding it so you could argue whether 
it's three point five or four where am i now   three me three point five four meters there we go 
they go out really really long with it before they   flap if you're a stud you need a stud milwaukee 
tape measure absolutely beautiful love it right   let's move on to number three so number three is 
a personal favorite mind because if you're like   me and you like building things you might make 
lots of things out of pallets i know there's 50   of the world who like things made out of pallets 
and there's 50 of the world who don't like things   made out of pallets well this is the palette 
tool for you this is a very very special it is   a nail puller the milwaukee nail puller i really 
really like it but it's got an extra little gizmo   on the top here you can hold that over a nail on 
a pallet so this let's say that's your nail there   you can put that over your nail and have your 
hammer and bang down each side of it what that   then gives you is somewhere to be able to get the 
hook of your crook oh hook of your crook i like   that hook of your crook in underneath the nail 
and then lever off on either end so you've got   your claws on each end to be able to do that 
it's a nice little tool it's nice and cost   effective a brilliant present for anyone as like 
with anything in milwaukee everyone loves being   bought milwaukee's presents but that is a great 
little tool the little milwaukee nail puller great   piece of equipment for anyone's arsenal 
when they're making anything out of pallets   love it let's move on to number two so number 
two is a weapon yes it is it's the milwaukee gun   no it's not a gun it is the cheetah pipe wrench 
yes our beautiful friends across the pond call   it a pipe wrench we call it peristilson so i know 
all these different terminologies for things but   what this gives you is a two and a half inch well 
that's what it's rated on the tin for but it will   actually stretch out to nearly three if you go 
past the recommended line on there and then it's   also extendable on the back so you pull that 
little lever there and you can make it shorter   or longer depending on the torah or shorter 
technician who needs to use it but it's ideal   push that in to be able to get into a little 
bit of a tighter spot or if you need a little   bit more leverage you can pull it out to its 
fully extended version and get some good old   leverage on it i like that one it's also got 
a little twisty top on the top a little hook   spins around little things hey so before we get 
to number one we are going to do our subscriber   giveaway yes one of our lucky subscribers is 
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family trials please drop us an email at info haze   machinery dot co dot uk so we can send this to 
you well done right so we have got to number one   our favorite milwaukee hand handle of them all and 
if you've got something that we haven't featured   today that you prefer please drop us a comment 
below but our favorite handle of them all is the   three pound lump hammer from milwaukee it is 
beautiful it's an absolute really really sexy   hammer i know some people might not be able to get 
very excited about hammer but we really do perhaps   you're a brickie perhaps you're in a workshop you 
can use a hammer absolutely anywhere or even if   you're an auctioneer this is the perfect gavel you 
know five and ten a couple of pound of pound beer   that wonder wonder wonder three to three to three 
sold and it just makes a really great noise as   most hammers do but this is just extra special 
because it's red black and it's got milwaukee   written on it and they've done a nice little 
design so yeah well guys good job this is our five   favorite hand tools like i said if you've got 
any favorites of your own please drop them in   the comments but we really appreciate you watching 
today congratulations to family trials and winning   the impact wrench from us and yeah please 
click subscribe so you're in with a chance   all of these products we've featured today 
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much we'll see you in the next one bye


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This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through links. Learn more on my Private Policy page.

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