Tool Torture: Milwaukee REDSTICK Box Levels

hey guys Ken Davis here from Acme tools
and their tool torture video for you today I have Milwaukee's red stick level
this is a 48 inch and I gotta say it's a hefty level it feels great in the hand
they've given you a ton of awesome features you do have replaceable end
caps on this as well as a magnetic bottom and larger vials that we can
always see what you're doing but today we're gonna go ahead and test a little
bit see how much it'll stand up to so the first test that we're gonna do is
we're gonna drop this guy from 8 feet see how much abuse it'll handle we did
have one cosmetic damage and that was one of the vial protectors popped out
but it snaps right back in and now we're gonna go ahead and drop it straight on
the end from 8 feet again now that we've seen it can hold up to an 8 foot drop
just fine let's take it to the next level
and drop it from 15 feet later you saw from 15 feet straight on the end and
those end caps is held up like a champ go ahead and drop it horizontally and
see what happens this time I don't I don't think we're gonna structurally
compromised it we're just gonna break the cosmetics on it to be honest with
you I'm not quite satisfied with that we've seen a few cosmetic damages but
everything's snapped right back in I think I need to see a little more out of
this it was pretty impressive so you saw me drop this from both 8 and 15 feet
horizontally and on end this thing held up great there's a couple of dings and
scratches in it but most of those cosmetic all the vials held up just
great the end caps are still intact I'm pretty impressed with the the durability
of this level so now that you've seen the Milwaukee red stick stand up for
some drops I want to go ahead and make it stand up a little more structurally
now we're gonna stack some 42 pound bricks on this and I could do it this
way but that'd be a little bit too easy we all know that something on edge is
structurally more sound so I'm gonna go ahead and flip it on edge the weak way
and we'll go ahead and start stacking and see how many breaks it takes to bend
this thing down and that is truly a feat of strength for
that Milwaukee red stick so you just saw 250 pounds on this level I was pretty
surprised that it held up to that but now we're gonna see if it'll hold up
some more we've moved our support bricks out a little bit to really focus the
weight on the center of the level I'll be kind of surprised as it holds up but
we're gonna see what it does you just watch the stack 250 pounds on this level
2 different times and we focused the weight pretty heavy on the center now we
did bow it just a little bit of course you're not gonna stack 250 pounds on
your level overall it's pretty tough I'm very impressed that it held up to that
test so you can see here I've got to the 48 inch red sticks and you've seen me
drop these from 8 15 feet you see we put 250 pounds on them and they've been
holding up but we're gonna take this one final test here and we're gonna drive a
golf cart over and see if they'll hold up to that test you just watched us to drive a golf cart
up on these red sticks and honestly I wasn't impressed with just how little
they did any damage to it so being that we always do our best work here at Acme
we're gonna take it to one of Kubotas RTV and see if they'll stand up to
that as well but we'll say I'm only slightly nervous
for this I am just surprised so after everything
you saw me do to the Milwaukee Red Stick it's a fantastic level held up to eight
15 foot drops and even 250 pounds of bricks on it you watch me drive a ball
card on it but it didn't quite hold up to the Kubota RTV this is a great
level really strong but it's probably not your best option for an RTV ramp


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