The PACKOUT M18 FUEL 2.5 Gallon Shop Vacuum AKA The Pack-Vac Gets It Done

Motivation factor How are we doing today I hope everyone has a great day Motivated like mine We have a pack of 2.5 gallon wet and dry vacuum it says new I don't know how long this product has been on the market I do come Through research, I said, hey , that's the PACKOOUT system that might work for me because I was bent on making the system work for me and it said it had 60% more suction I'm not sure who the competitors are or how they use that number with it Said mismatched mobility reduces downtime up to two times quieter than the competition then I don't know who their base is good to go so the part number is 09 70 – 20 if anyone is interested this vacuum fits the PACKOUT system so it Claims to have more suction unbeatable maneuverability it's very quiet and it's PACKOUT compatible i love all of these things again this is the only tool i didn't get the battery with this but it drains the m18 some genius put the barcode sticker rig ht over spec As far as I can tell, our capacity is 2.5 gallons or 1.8 gallons wet 2.5 gallons dry capacity 17.1" width 10.5" height 12.8" weight 11.3 lbs inlet diameter 1 and 1/4" in package Contains all of these items so I'm going to open this box to see what goodies I have in it 11 lbs is not bad what I like about this is that it's PACKOUT compatible I think that's honestly I'm glad they brought this up because if you're going to clean you car or you have any type of work you can carry this thing around it's light enough it's battery powered so you do n't need a rope so it's brilliant everything is compact you have plenty of reach with this root hose so it has a little reach so it's PACKOUT compatible so that's great right here i like it maybe it's a bit overkill or overkill hey who doesn't need a wet and dry vac from time to time so get this bad boy running, you just take your battery she plugs it in like this safe let's see how much the vacuum is running ok so the setup is in blower mode so this has to have a blower option where can you blow air because it's pushing the air out or that's the exhaust yes it's just the vacuum's exhaust that doesn't actually look loud this has to be the low setting here you have low power neutral/off and high so it seems to have two different settings yes, it's lower so get tech we have the battery bay attachment storage area motor housing i think these screws will give you access to the motor battery bay latch again we have the hose running along the compact out of the way we have the blower port we have the tank latch this is the tank latch you have a front and a rear here you have the PACKOUT feet this will be on the bottom where it will allow it to lock to your PACKOUT system the tank is the black lower switch There's also the PACKOUT lock in there and that's the general tech run how they sort everything you have your latch to get to the tank pull it off here and you'll see you have your filter and a gasket running around this perimeter The top filter unscrewed like this very basic tank nothing special people i would say good quality now this is how i envision using it for cleaning vehicles very basic we put it on high i got my hose wont Too crazy to review this tool I certainly thought it would be a useful tool especially cleaning the vehicle no wires nothing to worry about we started so you got up and let you click into the PACKOUT system put it on top Bada Boom! Bada is great! I like it I like it very much Absolutely versatile I am absolutely glad I did it I think it will save a lot of time

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