Old School Communication Methods for HVAC Techs

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Uh thank you John for the Super Chat John with the Super Chat pow pow poo Thank you so much Joshua Seton says can I call too man I used to get a lot of Calls at work there's calls all the time When I worked for my father then there's Even more calls back in the day and I Was at the dawn of cell phones so we had Uh We had the what was it we had the next Tails blue Stuff and we had the Archaic bag phone was where I started A long time ago and it didn't have Caller ID it said call I don't know why I had to say call I mean you could hear The ringing sorry I mean I don't I don't Know why you had to say call for so bag Phone and then to the the micro attack And start attack phones from Motorola And then everything got Sleek with the Razor It was nice it was a lot of phone calls But I have I was watching NorCal the Other night NorCal was talking about Like the olden days as far as the 80s And 90s and I could identify with some Of it norcal's a little older than me I Think he's 50 something another 55 Something like that I'm 43. so I Understand a little bit about it because I've had to make pay phone calls and we Had to use maps and stuff like that so You know is it different time map sucked

Because now GPS is like it's on the left It's on the right and it's sometimes It's uh yeah whatever hey bag phones Joe Joe's like bag phone how old am I Man Zach did you stop before tablets There were no tablets when I started That's for Dagon sure Thank you Matt T I appreciate that I'm Gonna assume that's because of the great Comedy at the beginning of the show and You guys are inspiring me to make more Comedy because if I make more comedy That means you guys are going to Super Chat again so I'll make them funnier and Funnier until I just fall apart and Can't do it anymore We'll see what happens see if there's a Psychological break maybe the comedy Will continue to increase Uh Corey Peter says going to be honest From an owner's position I should bring The chat up on the screen too that would Be a good idea since we're gonna look at It all right here we go Going to be honest from an owner's Position there comes a time when you Have to choose your text over the Customers can't work them to death and Then criticize them when the mistakes Are made afterwards you know there's Truth to that absolutely Uh Joshua Seton thank you celebrate the First Super Chat from Joshua Seton YouTube tells me all this great stuff

Guys fantastic thank you Joshua Seton I Appreciate it thank you so much Uh Joe Shearer said the only tablets were The Ten Commandments that's right uh There were stone tablets and Moses broke Them you know what I'm saying he he Broke his you know just like every other Tablet in the world got dropped it broke Everything hvacr said he had to carry The on-call pager yeah we had Paige I Don't know if I ever carried the pager Though but there was a lot of pagers out There I might it might have been a thing Where in the early days when I wasn't in Charge of anything except for going to Get somebody tools or whatever I didn't Have any way of contact it's just Whoever uh flying here now I guess Whoever was in charge of the job my Brother or my father had some way to Communicate and then I just like can we Go somewhere can I call somebody you Know whatever you know I didn't get to Call anybody And let's see here Thomas yeah got some Maps out there lots of maps guys lots of Maps so I'm glad those days are gone Because GPS a lot easier a lot less Stressful you don't have to go which Street was that did we just pass it what Street was that Had to do that all the time and be like They say the house was white they said

Cream Did they say the shutters were Blue they said Cobalt you know we get Into problems like that Uh Jack for Seton says finding a pay Phone in Seattle that wasn't full of Crap in urine was tough I heard Seattle Is A Wasteland and it hasn't gotten any Better since then I don't know I don't Think so judge it from the news But the pay phones they they were a Hotbed for some vulgar language some Girls of the night would put their Numbers on there so There you go [Music]

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