Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE PACKOUT Socket Set Is It True?

What is a good YouTube family and how are we doing today? Are we motivated? I know I'm motivated. I pull out my tools . A couple of boxes on my desk that just means one thing. New tool added to my system I love unboxing to share the moment with you this is where we are going what's in the box this is what we got there 31 piece half inch drive shock socket packaging kit compatible SAE metric nice organized like I love that good second box what we got what we got you may ask i don't know i know but oh well, well, well, bam! 36 pcs 3/8" Drive Impact PACKOUT kit compatible sockets I got half inch drives 38 drives now I have a lot of these sockets had to buy these I think the price is ridiculous compact organizer comes with the kit I No need to buy anything extra I think price wise it makes sense to do this Where can I have this integrated with my already standard 3/8" drive and 1/4" socket kit No impact I can have all this stuff just Spghhhh in Packed in my On to my Agh …

Take them out of the stack and put it where I'm going now what's the benefit is one you get the organizer has it inside once I open it you have the insert tray On each side of the organizer you can additionally take out and say it as your existing toolbox if you want then r purpose the PACKOUT case I won't do anything I'll keep everything in the PACKOUT case I actually Have been using this setup for a long time and it's great I just do something mundane or need quick access to the socket Boom when I need you know! I just flipped it on and it's there I know where it is It's nice and organized I can use it with smaller trays you know so this will work with Impact sockets now so I don't know if they chose this Not many stores sell it obviously in stock because you can buy it I usually do it in person Buy my stuff through Home Depot I love shopping there I shop online a lot with them they don't list but I don't know how it's new but I think it's pretty new Agh because I wouldn't have wasted money because you know Buying the kit is already in it's own existing case I have to figure out what I'm going to do because right now I have apparently too many shock sockets for the needs so I'm going to come up with a good idea of ​​what I'm going to do anyway so let's Unwrap this I love neat because I love my packaging already someone ripped it on me it's obsessive trying to take care of my gear my stuff but so this is WOW! Check out the Man & Milwaukee presentation out of the box forever Can't fail I tell you they took the time to make sure everything was packaged nicely and neatly The presentation was awesome I liked the way these sockets were designed you have the ink double hole for the stamp here it is again we started we have ours here alone Trays you can easily go and get them they have some foam inserts here which is cool so it's to make this kit work into this case I think that's A lot of extra space is not being used in this box I do n't care about you here we have another tray which can easily come straight out right next to where you work you have access I'm not the best to open packages I don't Like to break my pack ok here we have the 3/8" impact set I already have is not this wide I don't think it's packed again out of the box they have a 3" drill chuck but I like that uh….

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.. that spin that's good to come in handy yes look absolutely needed that's what it is guys do n't have much else to do …might be able to drive there as well i don't know but it 's awesome i love it i'm glad They rolled this out is it overkill absolutely you know all my sockets are here I can throw them in the back of my truck I can throw them you know I got them on the fly it has a lot of room for the sockets Quantity is going to take up I guess it makes sense it's with all my other slots so so I just take this thing and I'm off you know I'm going to play when I'm going to move I'm here and it's all going well so here it is 3 /8 settings you want to come and have a look in my drawer i have my modification 3/8 so with this kit a lot of the sockets here do overlap but i have shallow effects that i will need so get the fan a little hot today so With the fan anyway with the socket kit it's obviously complementary this has no shallow hmm shock socket my other 3/8 kits are only up to 19mm this is up to 24mm I don't know I have to figure out how to justify having all these different sockets and the reasoning from there to say it's a very powerful stack with all the features I have I have a little bit of storage I have some vacuum power I have more storage then I have some impact regular sockets from 1/2" to 1/4" Drive So And it all Clips right there Bang

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