Milwaukee PACKOUT System Review / Feature Walk-Through

What's up everyone? Welcome back to The Durbin 
Compound. If you haven't met me already, my name   is Devin Durbin. I'm glad to see your smiling faces– 
back here on the channel. So today we're going to nerd-out   a little bit with some more Milwaukee stuff. 
We're going to go over the Milwaukee PACKOUT system.   So if you're looking at the PACKOUT system, or you're like me and you just like to watch   videos on stuff that you bought, welcome to the 
video. And what we're going to do is, I'm going to go   over a couple of the different options. There are 
many, many options as far as different organizers,   different sizes, usually if you are going to 
get into the PACKOUT system you'll buy the   bottom rolling box.

I'll show you each 
item that I have separately, and then we'll talk   about other options. So there's their slim options 
and their deeper organizer options. So I'll open   up each box and show you exactly how I have it 
organized. And you can get a good idea of, you know,   what the boxes are all about. I searched a little 
bit about PACKOUT reviews and what people have  done already.

So I hope that this video brings 
more value to it. If you find value in my video   I'd appreciate a subscription. And as always, smash 
that like button because I could use all the help I can get. All right, so let's get into the review. So what I think I'm going to 
do is I'm going to change the camera angle and then let's talk about the bottom box first and the 
different options on it. So let's do it! All right, so you really don't need to see my face in this or 
need to see me to be able to explain this, but each of these PACKOUT systems, whatever you get, the small organizer, anything like that, it has some attachments here on the bottom 
that slip into all of the other lids. So it has a little black button here that you literally just lift 
it up and it pulls out about maybe an inch and   then lifts up out of it. So you can literally put 
these anywhere you want.

You can configure them   however you like. All of the lids are like this. So when
they're new, they're kind of hard to operate. It might take   two fingers. I've noticed that. These are the slim 
PACKOUTs. So this is a slim five area organizer. It   comes with these little red divider 
pieces. The red divider pieces are awesome because   you can kind of configure this however you want. 
The only qualm I have with these   organizers is that, I guess I'll say some cons while I'm talking, is these organizers you can only   divide them in half.

So I'm not sure why they have four pieces on there, or four little tabs, basically   they have it set up so that you should, 
in essence, be able to do a divider like this and   then another one like this. It looks like they don't have any that do the cross so you're down to   two. You can only divide it into two sections. So 
that's kind of weird how they do that.  Another thing, you cannot move these like 
this and close the lid. It is designed to   have the big area in the middle and then the two 
small on the sides. So, you know not necessarily a   deal-breaker, but just kind of like, I wish there was a little bit more customizability or   customized, Yeah! I wish you could customize 
it more, (Is it proper grammar?) to, you know, do   exactly what you want instead of being limited to 
this and having only be able to organize it one   way.

So that's that. That's the five compartment 
slim organizer. And they're pretty nice. They keep   everything inside their little compartment 
and I like them a lot. So this is the rolling box. So if you wanted to do 
the full system, this is where you would start.   You would get the roiling box and you'll have your 
wheels. These are eight inch wheels, I think. Yeah, they're almost nine inch wheels. I think they're 
eight and a half, something like that. There's a   couple tie-down points on these.

So it has a big, 
strong D-ring and, you know, you can ratchet   it to something. I've seen people when they have 
the stack, go over with, you know, if they want to   attach something on top, they'll go over with a 
bungee cord and then you will strap it right   here on the front. So they have multiple options 
of strapping them down. These areas allow for a   ratchet strap to go on it, if you're strapping 
it into a truck. I like that a lot. This lid   on the bottom is the only one that actually has 
a click so it stays up. So I do like that. I like   that you can take this around and you don't have 
to constantly hold this up. So I hope you can see   a decent amount down in here. so these don't come 
with any organizers down in them.

So you kind of   have to figure out what you want to do. How you 
want to utilize this space. I've put shoe box in   my other bottom section, so that you 
can you have multiple things in it. I have my   circular saw down in here, a couple hammers, all of 
the stuff that I need for flooring. I have a chalk   line, stuff like that, spacers. So, all of my flooring 
stuff gets stuck in here and I have it organized like that. So let's move on to the second biggest, or second from the biggest thing. Okay, so this is the second biggest 
organizer. This thing has a handle. Let me make sure… Okay, this one has a handle, nice carrying handle. It also has a handle here and it has little handles   up underneath here for you to move it 
around and manipulate it. So literally pulling this   off of here, you just give it a finger here, and pull it out from its locking.

And then you're up and away.   So this one comes with one organizer, I think I robbed one organizer from another one. And see   the only thing I don't like about this is you 
can't open this lid with the handle in place.   So the handle goes up and down. You have to put the 
handle down in order for you to put the lid up. Not   really a deal breaker, just something, you know, that 
you don't like, or that I don't like. One of these   organizers comes in the bottom box. So if you're 
getting a bottom box, you should get an organizer   like this. I've robbed it from the bottom box to 
put it up here to organize outlets, switches. This is   obviously my electrical stuff. I robbed this from 
my electrical stack. So, yeah, you get a little bit of room in here. You know, this 
is definitely a pretty big container. You can put   a lot of stuff in there. Hopefully you can see 
that from where you're at. Maybe I'll try to tip   it up a little bit.

So you have quite 
a bit of space, at least another one of these in   here that box. I'm not going to get technical with 
it. I'm not going to get the tape measure out   and tell you all the specs. I haven't been able 
to [ __ ] get these in the store. This is, you know,   I had to buy this online. I know Rural King 
had some. And I got to see them there, but I had   already bought mine. So, yeah, they have a nice ring for your padlock if you want to lock the sections, something like that. Let's go up to the top-size box here.

pexels photo 4246109

Take this apart. So we'll go over this organizer stack in a minute. All right, so 
this is the top box. I wouldn't   say this is the intermediate size. This is the smaller of the three. This one, they're selling this with an impact and, I think, it's an impact and a
drill/driver combo kit. It's pretty pricey. I would get the box. I think the box is like $60. So, naturally, I would get the box and then just get the drill and drivers separately. It's probably a deal, but I already have three sets of drills   and drivers.

So, I like this one a lot because this one does come with a couple organizers. So   it does allow you some ability to customize 
it. So it has a three section little guy here. It has   a three section guy here. And then it comes with 
this little pencil tray, or whatever you want to   call it. So you can have a little bit of fine, 
you know, ability to put finer little stuff   in there. So this thing holds a lot. I travel with 
this the most. Most of the time, if I'm just doing   a little job, I'll head out with this box and 
I'll kind of just cram everything I need for   the project in here. And then just shut it and 
carry it. Now it has just the handle on the outside.   There is a little handle on both sides like this. 
So you can usually carry   it whatever way you want to.

The locks are, 
these clamps are really positive. They are   really stout. They work really well. So that's 
what I like about this is that you can just pull it   off and go, whatever you need to. Snap it right 
back into place. You can take the two and then   they're connected, you know. So it definitely has 
some, you definitely have a lot of options   with it.

Man! I'm tongue-tied today! I don't know what the 
deal is! It's Sunday. I'm worn out. All right,   let's talk about the 11 compartment organizer. So, 
hopefully I'm still in frame. Let me check this out. Okay, so I'm going to bring this back down to earth 
and show you the 11 piece. Okay the 11 compartment   slim organizer, they make both the 5 and the 11 
compartment as a deep organizer as well. This is   a slim one. So this is only about 3 inches high. 
I've set this up for furnace service. So I have   my clamps and my terminals, my little wire nuts, my 
nut drivers. All the things that I need to service   a furnace. So I can just pull this out and I 
only need to take this into a customer's house or   do whatever I need to. It really has everything 
I need in here. I'm really starting to duplicate   my tools so that I can just take one box and that 
be it. I don't have to rob from other boxes to, you   know, build a little kit to do something. So these 
organizers come out and you can use utilize them.   I'll show you why you would do that with my screw 

We'll pull that up here in a second, but, yeah,   nice little 11 compartment organizer. You can 
divide these into smaller things, but just like   I said on the previous organizer, you can 
only divide it into two slots. I'm sure if you   cut these little red divider pieces 
you could do another one and just glue it in   place or whatever. So, let's check out my screws. 
I'll show you that. All right. So if you're not directly in   front of them, and able to pull on them, straight out,   they're kind of a pain in the butt to unclip. But these are fairly new so…

All right, so this   is my screw organizer. So, this is one of those instances where this would be nice to take this   over to where you need to be. And then 
you can return it to it. You can dump your screws   out and blow it out. Make sure it's clean. Put 
your screws back in and then return it to the box.   I really like that aspect of it.

So the organizers 
that I was rocking before, they're basically just   a plastic box with a bunch of different bins. 
They get dirty. You leave it open, somebody runs   a circular saw, blows all kinds of sawdust in 
here. You're pissed off. You have to unload the   whole thing, and then blow it out, clean it and put 
it back. These modular things are really, really   nice. I might be mis-speaking here, but the larger ones, not the thin organizers,   but the large organizers, I'm pretty sure the bins come out and then you can clip them onto   the top of your PACKOUT which is really awesome. So you can take one set out, or one set of screws   out, and clip it on the top and, you know, and do it that way.

I think you can do that with the   large organizers. I don't have any reason to have a large organizer. This holds a lot of stuff and   this is just a slim. So, yeah, as far as durability, performance, I mean these things are   stout. Every single thing about this is 
100% well-made. It's well thought out.   The plastic is all reinforced on the right areas. This stuff is going to last a lifetime. As long as   you're halfway decent to your 
stuff, this will last you a long time. The value   is there. The value's there 100%. I think this top piece, or this 11 part slim organizer is like   $40. These are $30. The smaller five compartment organizers 
are $30 apiece. Nah, I think they're $20  apiece. I think I get them at Home Depot for $20 apiece. So that would mean that these are $30 apiece, these 11 compartment ones. So, you know, just depending on the price, where you go, these are   awesome value.

I would 
definitely pick it up. If you're watching   this video for just an overall view of what the PACKOUT's all about, go out and get you one.   You're not going to be disappointed. You have a lot of versatility. You can customize the heck out of   them. And they're just fun to mess with. And you also look cool doing it too. So you can have a   really squared-away system that looks really nice and, you know, you go out on a job site or maybe   it's just around the house, you've got this box to roll around with. So, you know, I was using Stanley   FatMax before and I still do use that for my plumbing stuff. I'll eventually make a PACKOUT  set for that. So, one last thing to note is with this bottom box.

If you have it unlatched and you   put the PACKOUT on top of it, you cannot latch it back in. So maybe that's just a little design,   where they could just cut that off a little bit so that if you did leave it undone, and   you forgot, and you stack it all up, you don't have to go back and take it all apart to put that   back on. But not a game-changer at all. So I hope you enjoyed the video. If you like my video go   ahead and subscribe. Hit that like button. I need all the help I can get. So if you guys have any   questions, drop them in the comments. Eat me up in the comments if you think you're… I don't know…whatever…If you think   you're better than me…whatever. All those keyboard warriors. I'm not sour or anything…  I'm just saying. But, uh, yeah, I hope you guys 
enjoy it and I hope to see you guys next video.

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