Milwaukee PACKOUT 3-Drawer Tool Box & SHOCKWAVE 43pc Impact Socket Set Make Love…

[Music] and i want to know how you motivators are doing today i hope you're doing all right well i'm in front of my tools again so i'm probably going to run my my gums about or as i like to say bump in my gums about some tools type of stuff so i figured i would just kind of update on how i'm working out on my modular system i kind of came across an idea today that i wanted to just take a brief second to share with y'all [Music] [Music] tell you what this piece of gear right here is on point i'm already liking it i've had quite a few uses for it already so i think this is a great addition to the gear my die grinder there the right angle m12 with a 6-0 battery on it is pretty versatile i can already see that i've had to use it a few times and i can see how i'm going to be able to employ this new weapon of mine it's a tool but i'm going to call it a weapon from now on how useful it can be being battery operated not powered by air i'm liking it four different settings for different rpms i just put it all the way up and get some some of y'all might ask why i have my half inch impact out well i've noticed something after using it last night that doesn't sound right so i think i've got to get it back to the store and figure out what's going on with it but i don't know if y'all can hear that i'm not sure if that weapon is supposed to make that noise other than that great torque i think it's a it's definitely a needed piece of gear if you're going to be wrenching on vehicles for sure definitely come in handy some of y'all might ask what i was doing over here blasting away on basically new tool set well here i have the 3 8 drive milwaukee impact set 43 piece voila yeah i like this set already i like that that's just nice and neat and nice and colorful high quality pieces of steel i want to say they're made out of steel nicely packaged easily identifiable well anyways that still doesn't explain why i was going to town on that case well i'm going to show here why i was beating down that plastic on the side of that bad boy i was finding out how i could integrate this into my pack out system and i found a way that i could do that that's partly why i was getting rid of take the time to kind of look there was a plastic ridge on this side i know it kind of marks up the case makes it look nasty if you're if you're ocd like me that's something that would bother you but where i'm putting this it's not going to bother me so much so there's just on the top half there's this little plastic ridge i don't know if it's from the molding from the factory i was able to see if it would fit into one of my low profile drawers and that's exactly why i was shaving that plastic lip off was to integrate into this drawer which i can show here how that works it is my intent to keep my tools as compact as possible this is a tool set that i definitely think i'll be going to grab quite often so it fits into this drawer well i might have to shave that a little bit more i don't know why that's mean anyway so if you shave that plastic ridge off you're able to get it to fit in there so by taking the time to shave those plastic ridges off you'll see that it fits into this low profile drawer and if you undo with that in the drawer you can easily just open it and you have access to all your sockets i know that's kind of probably not the best way to utilize this drawer as far as losing a lot of the storage space with the plastic case and but i just like how that's neatly packaged it's right there i can open it up i have access to a lot of my common sockets it should be compact so i don't have to worry about looking for another case or putting it into say a large box like this i found it would fit in there i like that i'm all over it and i think that's pretty sweet she fits pretty good and then that closes but no issues and you have your sockets right there in your packo system i like it so what my goal is is to get as many tools out of these left side into my roller and just use my roller for the most common tools that i need and i can just kind of move that around where i'm working wanted to take the time to share that maybe that helps someone else out other than that today i think what i'm going to do is just take an inventory of what i got and spend a little more time organizing again from this side to this side get everything situated the way i want it so i'm not fussing around you know opening up boxes for the leftover tools that i kind of still have over here i'll probably be taking out one of the stacks at home and just keep the other roller with a few boxes with with other things i need here then i will be [Music] which i should have done when i had this car on the lift the other the other night i should have replaced the fog lights the led fog lights in this so i'll be going over what it what it takes to do a simple job of replacing your fog lights on the outback

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