HVAC Side Work Disagreement

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This video is brought to you by Yellowjacket yellowjack has just Released a brand new y Jack Mano dual Port manometer Wireless probe that goes With all of your other y Jack probes Find out more at yellowjacket.com this Is an interesting comment right here Let's take a closer look this is on my Is side work ethical video that was Released several months ago it says from Aldo WTF kind of question is this this Is America the only country where it's Easy to become what you want to be no Matter what anyone else thinks or says My side work eventually led to me led to Me having enough work to save up for an All-new work van all my tools and Equipment license classes and books Insurance and actually become a licensed HVAC contractor in Houston without my Side work none of it would have been Possible no boss is ever going to be Able to pay you enough to achieve all of That my old boss even gave me a pep talk When he hired me about how he did it I Just followed in his footsteps one year In business and I am looking for my Third service vehicle okay Now he said something in particular Right there that would make me agree With him doing that which is his boss Did not care the competition with your Boss is the ethical dilemma in my Opinion if you have a boss that doesn't

Want you to compete and you kind of go Out secretively on your own and do that I think that is Unethical because you signed on with a Guy you work for a guy who pays you Money and says he doesn't want this to Happen you work for him but then I guess In your own time you say well this is my Own time this is what I do but I think That's something people say to kinda Allow themselves to do this sort of Thing now I don't think it's necessarily Wrong depending on the situation we Talked about it in the particular video If you're a commercial Tech and you want To do some residential that's an you're Not competing with anybody But just remember there's There's certain laws that go along with This not laws isn't legal but then There's natural laws if you do side work And you are under charging for your work And you're robbing business from other Companies other companies have a problem With that I tend to think that's not too Big of an issue because you become Inundated with work and you can't handle That much so you're not going to Actually take much away from another Company And I think after a while People tend to learn their lesson about Under charging you get swamped with work Where you either cut back on the work or

You do work poorly and a lot of people They go with do work poorly to try to Earn more money and it kind of implodes Upon itself after a period of time so I Think this problem Works itself out I Just think it's unethical to do Something against the company you're Legitimately working for Out on your own secondly if you're out On your own and you need a license you Don't have yet but you're working toward It but you require it for the work You're doing and you're doing it under The table of course that's unethical And I'm going to say that as someone Who's done plenty of jobs without Permits in my lifetime and that's Unethical I absolutely did unethical Things chime in guys I know that this Was a hot subject when the video came Out so let me know what you think do you Agree with me do you agree with Aldo we Kind of agree because of his situation But how would you handle this how have You handled it

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through links. Learn more on my Private Policy page.

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