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My name is zaxiota and this is the HVAC Fake news A trade-wide public service announcement Has been issued so that all of you out There and you know who you are who pick Your boogers while driving your work van And wipe it underneath the driver's seat Well please stop doing so and again try Not to pretend like we don't know who You are since many split systems are More and more prevalent as time goes by More and more companies are specializing In particular mini split Brands the Problem is the texts become confused When they transfer back to regular Unitary brands in fact techs have spoken Up saying how are we supposed to install These unitary Brands when there's no Smiley sunshine in the manual no 15-minute vacuum guide and no snowflake Symbol to let us know when the unit Isn't cool Joe Shearer a famous YouTuber company Owner and Floridian was on the show last Week he told us about the fabled Fiberglass tree that is used to make Duckboard Knowing this was a lie we went about our Lives but realized what if there is a Fiberglass tree so we did some research Here at HVAC shop talk We found out that there is a fiberglass Tree one man reported from South America Colombia to be exact that he went deep

Into the jungle to find the tree located It came back out alive Upon questioning the man we realize There might not be a fiberglass tree Because he had quite a bit of cocaine in His system Speaking of duck board we know that many Of you rail against duckboard and make Fun of it myself included but if you Think about it it's the only system Available that you can install with Gorilla tape and kitchen utensils Many HVAC technicians have found that Their long hours and strenuous careers Are trouble for marriage so we did some Psychological research to find the best Way to deal with a married life while Integrating your HVAC life we looked at Things you can do for your wife gifts You can get her Smiles you can make and Happy times you can have but in Conclusion we found the best way is to Never marry a wife Last but not least I would like to say a Little something about Goodman I'd be Remissed if I left Goodman out of any HVAC fake news broadcast and I do want To say something positive about the Brand because so many times I say Something negative and I'm afraid they Might sue for some reason even though This says fake news so let me say Something positive Goodman has been Awarded for being the lightest units

Ever when compared to all other brands Goodman says it's mainly due to their Design and Engineering but I suspect It's probably due to the fact there's no Refrigerant in any of them my name is Axiota that was fake news [Music]

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