How to repair the heating of a VW Passat

Hi, this time we are going to repair the heating of our Passat 35i We'll dismount the heating unit and we'll repair all the flaps in it For dismounting the heating unit we have to remove the dashboard first But for this we have already a video You have to watch it first After removing the dashboard we continue in the engines compartment Remove the cover under windscreen Lift the cover at the front side and pull it out Under the airfilter is a frame hold by 2 bolts Here you see the problem of the Climatronic.

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The flaps consist of a steel plate with large holes and the rubber foam on it vanishes with the time The frame has a metal and a plastic clip For accessing the nuts of the heating unit on the firewall, I have to dismount the air hose On the firewall there is a aluminum shield. In this are the holes for the nuts Remove all nuts from the stud bolts Two further nuts are under this steel plate near the hoses of the air condition Remove the water hoses For the clamps you'll need strong pliers Over the water hoses is a small vacuum hose, remove it Inside we start with removing this air duct socket Remove the screw of the lower right air duct The lower insulation is fixed by some screws and a cable tie Remove the upper vacuum hose from the distributor The removal of the air blower starts by unplugging it The cable holder has 2 screws Remove the 4 screws of the air blower Remove the air blower including the paddle wheel Remove the servomotor of the distribution flap It just drops Don't turn the servomotor to preserve the position of the flap Now the flap is free Dismount the holder of the vacuum distributor Remove the distributor The heating unit is connected to the cooling unit by 6 metal clips With the 2 clips on the backside you'll have a lot of pleasure Remove the whole heating unit, don't forget to unplug it That has been a great operation Before opening the heating unit, I mark the position of the flaps Remove the coupling bar Dismount the servomotor Note that the cable is below the motor Dismount the vacuum actor of the flap Remove the 2 metal clips Open the housing with great care Work slowly from one nose to the next Here is a small plastic flap This is the first steel flap Meanwhile I glued new rubber foam on the steel flaps The blending flap and the distribution flap Let's have fun by putting the housing together Coat all movable parts with white grease Don't forget the small flap When all 3 flaps are in position we can try to push the halves together Before pressing it completely together, check if all flaps are working Press the halves together Press in the metal clips here and the second here Mount the vacuum actor of the flap Fasten the servomotor with 2 screws The cable is under the servomotor Press the coupling rod in place Now the heating unit comes back to the car For all who don't believe it, the air condition unit is still in place and under gas Put the heating unit on the cooling unit Press in the 6 metal clips Plugin the vacuum distributor Glue the distributor here The long screw is mounted in front and the short one on top Mount the servomotor of the distribution flap Fasten also the lower insulation There are 3 screws and then we fasten the strap Mount the lower air duct Fasten the screws Install the air blower Fasten it with 4 screws The left plug is yellow, the right one is brown Mount the holder of the cable, take care that the screws doesn't drop Install the vacuum hose and put it to the distributor Fasten the air duct socket with 2 screws After all the work inside, we mount the heating block to the firewall Screw all the nuts on the stud bolts Mount the frame of the air filter Clip it here, for the clip on the left side you have first to put the nut on Install the air filter Mount the cover Connect the water hoses of the heating Connect the vacuum hose and the clamps on the water hoses Fill the cooling liquid up to the maximum level Install the large air hose You have seen, how to repair the heating without cutting the hoses of the air condition For installing the dashboard, see our separate video Bye, bye!

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