Gree Inverter Ac | Inverter Air Conditioner PCB Repairing | E6 Error Code | Urdu/Hindi | Part 2

Subscribe Forever Tech Youtube Channel to get every video latest updates Assalam-O-Alakium friends I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching your own channel Forever Tech so friends we were taking about Gree DC air conditioner outdoor PCB so I have give you alot information about it in my other video now we will talk about its testing that how you can test it as it is having E6 error problem as it is having E6 error code so we will check its communication circuit because I have checked other things and they are alright I have not seen such kind of fault but we have to check its communication circuit so what is communication………for that we already have made video if you have not watched it so must watch it so now lets talk about its testing for testing you must have a multimeter we can test it in two ways one test is that you can check the component inside the circuit if you have any doubt on the component so you have to must take out it and check it because sometimes it happen that it shows absolutely fine in the circuit if it give you even a small doubt so it means it is faulty it is showing sometimes fine and sometimes faulty than we take out it from inside and check it first of all we will test the components inside the PCB and if we have any doubt on any component so we will take it out as you can see we have set it on ohms kilo ohms and our meter is auto deductive but here ZNR is attached high voltages are entering from this side and its neutral is directly entering this capacitor so now we will check it if ZNR was faulty so it was again and again falling its MCB aur its fuse was getting shortcircuit again and again so nothing like that happened so it means that ZNR is fine now we will check resistance 13 kilo-ohms resistance is here so if we check 13 kilo-ohms resistance so its value will be now we will know it so it is 12.83 it is totally fine now we will check its next resistance it is also totally right they both are attached in series and it is totally right and no fault is there after this here are three resistance and you can see this resistance is of 36 ohms and with it there is resistance of 100k so now we will check them so after checking we will tell you what value it is giving because there value should be right if any problem they give so it means fault is due to it first one is 36 ohms totally right its value is coming accurate another value is also coming 36 this both resistance are parallely connected to negative and positive of the capacitor 36 is totally right it is totally right as you can see but when i check this 100k so it is showing some fault so i have first check it so it is making fault as you can see it is actually parallely attached to the capacitor but its value is getting up and down we will take ou this resistance we will take it out and check it after this we will check another resistance it is of 13k resistance we will check it so we can know what value it is giving so as you can see it is also fine it means that if it is showing correct in the circuit than we have less doubt on the component and if it shows wrong on the circuit so problem is created now we will check its all diodes diodes are alot in it some are normal and other many so we will convert meter on diode mode as you can see we have set it on diode mode so now we will check one one diode you should know about its anode and cathode and they have also give marking on the circuit this is our cathode as you can see and on backside it is anode and if we put positive on anode so we should get the reading on cathode so negative on cathode this is totally right but must check its reverse polarity so that it can not show leakage on the circuit if it will show so problem can be created than we have to take it out than we have to check it now it is showing right here after this we will check next diode so i will set it as you can see its cathode is upwards and anode is downwards so first we will check its correct polarity it is totally correct here now on reverse polarity so check its reverse bise check that is there leakage problem it is also showing correct its cathode is also farward as you can see its cathode is here so we will check it and after cathode we will check anode this is showing totally right now on reverse polarity it should block on reverse polarity it has once showm reading and than get off sometimes it happens in the circuit this is normal but must take out it and check so its doubt can be finished i am applying it once as you can see it is fine as you can see but we will take it out and check it here is some fault so it is important to check it here zener diodes are installed here so we have check it as you can see and it is showing totally fine in anode cathode and reverse polarity so check them all one by one as you can see here is another zener diodes we will also check it so what it is showing….

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Check its anode and cathode check its marking… marking is made on its upside you can also know by marking that where your polarity is going and where is anode and cathode just like that we will also check other now we will change its polarity it is also showing fine zener diodes volatages move from .67 to .7 and normal diode has voltages of .456 to .568 so than we can know that it is fine so here all the things are fine now the next thing we will test that is two resistance installed here now again we will take it on resistance mode as you can see it is on resistance mode so now we will check it because we have to check each and every component so 222 is its value means 2.2 kilo-ohms should come in it so it is totally accurate asa you can see now here this is resistance which has 474 value 474 means that 470 kilo-ohms should be its value if is show more or less so there will be no problem but it is showing nothing now we will check its other side it is showing nothing now we will take it on diode mode and check it in diode mode as you can see this is its one side here should be 1 and 2 and we should get a corllector emitter we should not get any kind of reading on collector emitter and it is showing reading as you can see checking other side it is fine here but we are not getting resistance value now we will check other here we are having diode we should get reading on diode because anode and cathode are on one side so here it is correct now we will check it other side as you can see this is also fine this is low side thats why we can not see more fault in it but fault is there on high side in two points so here two resistance are showing fault to us one resistans is this R502 we will take out it from the system means from PCB beside it the resistance number R136 we will take it out and we will check it one more test we will do here so that is capacitor test so we will test it when we will give it DC supply so it block the DC as you can see when we bring it on continuity mode so it is now continuity mode as sound is coming now we will put its polarity on it so here when it will block so once it will give sound and then suddenly beep will get off so it means that capacitor is totally fine it is not having problem if it is giving continues sound so problem is there anf if it is not giving sound than we have must to take it out and check it so we will see now negative to positive its giving no value we will change polarity now again we will check it so it has blocked here once sound has come and than it has blocked means capacitor is totally fine there is no issue in the capacitor now our main focus will be on two points so that will be two resistance we will change them signal bringing octucupler is present here so we will change it and check it so we have take out capacitor from here as you can see because it was important to take it out so than we can check this resistance now when we check this resistance so it is showing its position totally fine it means there is problem in it due to capacitor because it is parallely installed with it as you can see i will keep meter here as now we are having space issue position is not coming so we will keep it here as you can see when we check it it is of 100k now it is showing its position totally right so now we are getting 100k here now we will change its polarity after changing polarity must check it again sometimes it show right on one side and sometimes show wrong on the other side once again we will check its upper resistance so it is 36.2 so it means position is right here so where is the fault so i will tell you as you can see that optocupler we have take out this is optocupler we will change it due to guaranty because its emitter collector is on this side it is on high side thats why we will change it on guaranty when we are checking it normally so no value should come on emitter collector on both side so it is not showing anything so we dont know it is faulty or fine so we will change it as guaranty the next step is as you can see this resistance which has created a big problem the main problem is if camera man can focus it this resistance is 474 as you can see it means it is of 474 kilo-ohms resistance so it is showing nothing i think there is problem which made by company so we will change it after this circuit will become totally fine because main problem is here because voltages were coming high and i told you that it is showing high voltages so now we will change it and install it so i hope the things i told you………… may follow it and you can solve your PCB problem beside it we will also change other octucupler as a guaranty because again and again we can not so this work if your optocupler is fine so do not change it so i hope today information is very informative for you so you can solve your problems by watching my videos So keep watching Forver Tech

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