Electronic Expansion Valve HVAC ,EEV | Construction, Working ,Testing | How EEV works In Inverter #1

Subscribe Youtube channel Forever Tech to get latest video update Asalam-ul-alakum friends i am Nadeem Robin and you are watching our youtube channel forever tech today we will talk about refrigeration important part which is EEV is known as now a days which stands for Electronic expansion valve will tell you complete detail how will you check it and how it function? what is it and body vise how it seems …will tell you its complete detail before knowing its detail first we have to flashback to its history if we will not go to its flashback questions will be raised and mind will be not cleared so first of all we will tell you what is it? it is same like capillary tube functions like it its main purpose is to expand compressed gas so we can get cooling affect now we will tell you about capillary tube which seems like this if you know work so i think I shouldn't tell its detail but if you people ask I can make separate video for it after this comes thermostatic expansion valve was invented after capillary tube let me show you in which era we are surviving in advance valve after expansion and capillary tube that is electronic expansion valve lets go will tell you its complete detail about its testing and how it looks? we will tell you why instead of capillary or thermostatic valve to attach electric expansion valve because the flow of gas can be control finely because when there is electronic control all control will go to micro controller or programmer and it will be complete succeed thermostat valve and expansion valve its constant flow you can't get complete control on it but electronic expansion valve is opened and closed due to need and can get more control on it and can get super heat friends you can see some coils and components these are step motors of all coils this is complete expansion valve as you can see if we take out from it this is called its body when gas comes it comes from here and out from downward from where we get gas flow this is wire or can call it motor and can call thermostate and is attach to it like this now we will tell you how its body part looks we will cut it and show you see we have cut it this is its magnet and we will open it very carefully and will separate each part as you can see there is spring type attach to it next part is as you can see this magnet frit coat magnet is made of frit and work as rooter stater is coil and this magnet frit magnet works as rooter see here pin is attached this pin is attached to this and fits in it and this spring presses it thread helps it to move like this through which pressure increases and decreases we will take out its whole piece and show you how it looks friends we have cut it off …this piece we have cut from here this is its planger which moves like this up and down and fits in this whole like this when this tapper sits in it like this so its on and off bun when tapper sits in it so it moves upward starts opening and when moves downward with which pressure starts decreasing this is its system so friends you got to know how is its body part now we will tell you how will you do its testing and how it looks? and how will you do its internal manufacturing? lets go will show you one more coil which we have cut for you people and how to do its internal manufacturing and internal function ? we will remove all these this is complete coil which we have cutted and show you if you see it thoroughly we have cutted it in two parts now we will teach you internally if we see internally here is one coil and here another and is having metal coat and those parts are also divided in different parts so we can take work of stater or motor its very great construction let me tell you here are not only one coil at one box there are two coils attached now we will tell you its wiring diagram how is its wiring diagram? before telling that let me tell you in this same motors are six wire staters as you can see in my hand or I'll show you another this is complete one that we have cutted off see this one is six wire stater as you can see red ,green, blue, yellow, orange, white will tell you its wiring how it is attached internally friends in spite this there are 5 wire coil too we will show you that too this is expansion valve as you can see its coil if we see its connector there are six wires black, yellow, orange, red, and grey these are five wires and will tell you complete detail how it is constructed ? we will make diagram and show you how it is connected internally?

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