Different Milwaukee PACKOUT SHOCKWAVE Impact Socket Set Tray Configurations

It's hot like a dog today its dog is hot here I don't know someone brought the devil to them Cuz what a good YouTube family how are we doing today? Are we motivated? I want to hear something ah, I can't hear anything… I'm so motivated it's sweating power out of my glands because I'm a motivated person actually no, I'm not but welcome to the channel You may see that I have my packaging system again so I'm going to talk about some of the tools I usually do. The first thing I want to review is I believe I have a comment that someone said they can't take me seriously they can't take me seriously because I There's a label on one of my PACKOUT carts I don't know how you came up with this hypothetical sponsorship label This label is exactly what I found I finally know what this guy is talking about Apparently I'm guessing there's one on my box The tag means I sponsored I don't know Milwaukee or where the tool outlet is these are not true I haven't sponsored anything If you look at my cover it's something from 1984 I probably shouldn't be showing you but I am A realist person I'm from where I sympathize and I don't represent any tool making company or export I only do this on my time on my dime so I'm just sharing my experience with you guys hope it helps Other people or it brings some type of benefit or something that other people know to where they might get something out of it I guess that's going to happen or I'm doing that I don't know but that's the design I appreciate you I can't anymore Delighted with the interactions I've had so far, even if it's the smallest you watch this video Watch the video it's great it motivates me to keep talking about the tool system I have and how I use it What I think about it even if it's for anyone It doesn't matter or maybe some people don't care or what's not my intention to help other people or show me how I use a really good combination PACKOUT system how I use it maybe that's good for someone so that's the treasure I'm on this channel Putting it in the description box is very clear I'm not sponsored by any tool making company I'm not sponsored in a minor way by any channel that sells tools so I don't know why people can't take me seriously because I still have one on the box I obviously Forget pulling it down or leaving it on purpose I like to do I like to keep things as new as possible I'm a tool freak I'm a tool geek so if you wanna call me out because I have a damn sticker on my box and say I'm kind of betrayed in a way pumping out information not it's not correct it's not happening straight up ok i don't even know what the hell i'm doing half the time to be honest it's a new experience for me i 'm making these videos Trying to get this information out to help other people and I'm just sitting in the seat of my pants anyway so clear it up I didn't Sponsor it's all my stuff I pay for the damn stuff it's very expensive positive stuff but its effective gear this gear is here i have a purpose i use it almost every day sometimes i don't but it works Help me and what I'm doing is trying to show you how I did it some people might be interested in it some people might not well it's not up to me but I just wanted to clarify if some of you Think I'm some sold out Uncle Tom Bumping Tools for some purpose that's benign or not inline that's not going to be benign, but I got my PACKOUT system out because I don't have an actual job right now I'm Make a video ok so now we've got it out of the way next business order is why i'm setting up my tools like this in the case of the show type i want to follow up on the impact video because i have a great idea in the comments section And then I started thinking you know I just showed the sockets when I took them out of the box what I thought of them you know I showed that so what I want to do is I kind of play around with d have different configurations as well as I have the tray The reason um tool organizer is one I want to show you in a little more detail what they look like the thickness of the tray is this is half an inch so it has thicker organizer it has thicker tray what you will see here what you will notice By the time you get the organizer you have a foam pad it's also inside the organizer so it's basically a waste of space inside an organizer that could be used for another fashion with me I don't care that doesn't bother me a bit Then the tray is put there it keeps the tray level I also want to show how this will fit into the three drawer system I already have 3/8's kit here I made a video before this modification to be able to fit the 3/8's kit into the drawer Same problem with this setup again you have a lot of wasted space you are not using your full potential if the space provided by the drawer makes sense I would like to be a little more efficient thats a bit of why i make videos so this is what i call independent The kit has its own hard case no tray basically just stays in the hard case unless you have a backup storage system or organizer what I do is go ahead and focus on eliminating this now what I want to do is do different variations half inch and 3/8 may be the standard mechanical kit here how does the chrome one look fit the three drawer pack the rolling storage system toolbox all i have to do now is give a general description I don't want to give a general description but i will to show you how it looks set the thickness of the tray we have double checked the foam The foam pads are here but I just wanted to give you a good visual of how this setup looks put together so it's nice and neat it's flush with the foam pads you have gaskets here which can keep these dry hopefully moisture proof which can Using these these types of sockets can cause some type of corrosion after use or you know some protection scratches off that's what it looks like on the PACKOUT stack this is what you get I'm going to put it in its organization put it in a tray like this now i'm gonna leave it to me like this i don't really need this i won't buy this if i'm going to pull it out put the tray in the drawer but that doesn't stop me just reviewing Here are the variations for you if you have the need to put the tray in here there are sockets so I'm going to cover all the same stuff this is the standard I want to call it a mechanical kit but it's your chrome square socket you can see how thick it is this Yes SAE metric trays they just fit right here you have zero wasted space with this thin organizer you have actually even taken advantage of the center space here with your drives your 1/4 inch drives to 3/8 drives you The swivel or universal, I like to call it that's what it looks like again you have gaskets to keep everything sealed nice and tidy I'll go ahead and clip it in The PACKOUT that's what this kit looks like it's very efficient space other than the tray It's been put to good use It's good to have it I really use it a lot This is probably the kit I use the most Get anything that needs Sockets when I need it I'm on this set like white baby on rice I'm on it I'm on it Above so this works great this is what it looks like now this is the 3/8 Impact Set with thin organizers like we just saw so you see the thickness of the tray again those just fit right here like this It's a good use of ah efficient use of space now that you have this center here it's good is that it can be used for expansion or other effects related gear or whatever the hell you want to put it in man that's the beauty of it so this That's what happened there this is what it looks like again you get the gaskets to keep these things nice and dry easy to get to i put it on the stack i don't have to pull these trays out and put them in ah alternate storage location i found it's Way works great presentation I love it I use it there no sponsored paper weights or anything this thing is real you can take it I'm serious because I don't want to misrepresent anything I'm not that disappointed so next task Yes I'm going to go ahead and demonstrate how the half inch tray will fit into the three A drawer pack is not two drawers three drawers especially I think three drawers or two drawers are pretty pretty you know I think you can see that you can stack a lot of stuff in there and put a lot of sockets in there so I'm not really going to Going over, I'm just focusing on the three drawers b because I'm just giving you more versatility to be able to detach something to your wrench or whatever you have more options to choose from and that's what I'm going to pick The reason it's so I have an empty drawer I've taken out my stand alone this is how it looks like in three drawers side by side half an inch metric standard inside the tray ok let's go you can see they fit really well It fits fine and I would say it doesn't waste a lot of space but you can put something really thin underneath or what not to raise it a little bit but I would say that is fine inch trays on top of each other in three drawers , will it close ? The only way we'll see if this works side by side I'll make good use of the space to say you'll be able to have your half inch impact sockets fit inside the tray your next one will fit 3/8's on top of the half inch tray you Can get 3/8 of the drive on top of the half inch so we'll go ahead and see if that works and see if we can get both the 3/8 inch and the 1/2 inch in so I'm going to keep pulling it You can't put 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch in after coming out here to deal with some stuff three drawers wo n't work so I was wrong I'll stay there but I'll say when I put it back you are very Close to making it happen you have no reason to modify these trays probably you can modify the tray to set it a little more flush you can actually put them all in your cut plastic and make it hard to get it from the organizer if you put it Put it there so we're going to stop at that Whoooo! man it's hot today i tell you the devil in the house man the devil in the house makes it hard anyway get back to it next 3/8 how it fits three drawers obviously we know it will fit side by side so i'll go ahead and stack on Will it close on top of each other ? Look it's off so it's 3/8 stacked on top of each other again we do set the mechanism I just call it the chrome mechanism setting here the shiny stuff has no effect can you fit this setup with your 3/ 8 shock sockets side by side I think we know the answer because they are basically the same size but I'm going to give you a good look at what it looks like so these are your socket impact 3/8's and your 1/4 inch and 3/8's standard setup side by side It will close stack on top of each other and you can have it close and have those trays with those sockets fit in there which is a good use for efficient use of space and you have a lot of tools and a lot of options in that tray if you want to continue and delete it the only thing i would say is you have to find a place for your drive your spin your generic AKA whatever maybe you can find a little bit here there is a little bit of a gap in between but not enough to hold these things , so you have to have separate drawers for your drives so that's a good idea of ​​how it looks at the beginning of the video I know I mentioned that the odds of those trays fitting two drawers are probably pretty high so I figured what I'd do is Since I've set it up like this I'm going to try the demo or see if we can actually fit two drawers I haven't tried it much but as you can see the two drawers are pretty thick I don't have the overhead size I can't keep all of them With that knowledge maybe I can put it in the video but looking at it it's a deep drawer so I'm going to go ahead and start with those half inch trays that's not half inch that's 3/8 half inch here , they were there earlier, I swear , so I'm going side by side, you know what I'll put half an inch on top of each other now let's see if we can get that out of the way and say 3/8 The top of the & it will close I'm going to say no, that won't work you're probably at your limit with your two trays I'm going to keep stacking our 3/8 side by side for some reason I'm having a problem here A little hard to fit so I'm going 3/8 and 1/2 inch side by side in a two drawer now I'm going to say that 's how it goes put something underneath other tools or something use that space or just put all your trays in in that drawer so that's where it's really hot today so if you see me sweating like a trapped pig in here that's why it must be hot okay next thing i wanna do is say you can use 1/4 Inch 3/8 Chrome Standard Set Stacked 3/8 Effect Can you say stacking four on one side on top of each other is four deep fit? Can you close the drawer because that would allow you to have three socket sets if that's true that's a big fat no you wouldn't be able to stack the two sets side by side you know stacking on top of each other just not side by side but say if you have The half inch effects are stacked on top of each other this will allow you to have three different sets in there that won't happen I think I'll break this way ok so that's a good idea of ​​how everything here will combine these two The kit goes into the tray into the drawer system I was hoping to give some insight I know this might be a bit confusing or I think people know what I'm talking about it just gives you a good idea if you already have sockets and you want to buy Tray you want to know how it will look and fit in the drawer system that's the goal of this video I'm leaving it in this whole Socket ordeal if there are any other questions, or if anyone has some weird question that needs any answers feel free to ask in the comments I'm sure Will try to fix it or correct what I'm about to say keep calm we'll talk don't forget to like subscribe to share the notification bell if you think there's any substance or interest to this thing I hope you enjoy it otherwise I thank you for watching this video Wishes you have a nice day

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