Bluon Brought Joe a Sandwich?!

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This is from Refrigeration industry as You can see by this little chat bubble Down here we can chat with them if we Want to nope not today so it says Blue On Blue on the company that gets your Parts and brings them to you and Sarah Which I never heard of in my life They're going to integrate their Innovative platforms so now you got blue One and I'm going to read this for you Because I love reading stuff it's just Fun blue one Incorporated Sarah systems Which I've never heard of too Innovative I mean they're Innovative guys software Companies in HVAC announced their plan To join forces to modernize and bring a New level of productivity to the HVAC Industry from OEM to distributor to Contractor to technician and all the way To the consumer hey that's a long way I'll address the Cleveland Browns shirt In just a second beaver I am wearing a Cleveland Browns shirt I digress blue on Supports HVAC contractors and their Technicians in the field while Connecting them with their local brick And mortar Distributors increasing their Quality of life wow it's like they're Treating cancer increasing their quality Of life productivity and the bottom line With blue on texts finally have a single Source that is brand agnostic boy I like Those terms brand agnostic for Community Interaction equipment documentation

Nation Live 24 7 tech support and for Acquiring parts and materials from local Distributors all right well we know About blue one I want to see the other One Other one Sarah I never even heard of This company Sarah if you've heard of Sarah Oh my gosh if you've heard of the Company Sarah I'll put it in the chat There if you can fit it in the chat with All the other stuff cooling with Krauss Says Sarah is a newer CRM no experience With it but I've heard decent things Okay Sarah the fastest growing field Service management software in the Industry you know when someone says fast Is growing just keep in mind that that Could mean they had two customers and Then they have five that mean they Increase their load by like uh 250 Percent or something so just keep that In mind it's all relative to numbers but People represent things the way they are Most but beneficial to themselves I know I do To the sponsors So sorry about that partners and content Blah blah blah bottom line by optimizing Key business levers time management Tech Efficiency cash flow and membership Management Sarah's unique platform and Consultative I never I don't think I've Ever used the word consultative before

Approach enables small medium and large Contractors alike to see an enormous Impact on their business in just a few Months as a result Sierra's customers Are guaranteed to improve their margins By 50 or more within six months Guaranteed Wow guaranteed guys that's pretty good I don't know about this I've never used This software before blue one's Obviously expanding in a New Direction They want to be part of like a Comprehensive software it looks like They want to be the one thing that you Have for your business And they're combining with this new Company I'm guessing because it's new That's probably why it's being able to Be done Because I don't think they could do that With an existing company just being who They are and I don't know it might be Great I don't know I really don't know All the different CRM F I guess it's FSM They all say that they'll grow your Business by like a million percent I don't know about that I guess when It's compared to not having one and They're thinking best case scenario I Have no idea I have no idea Guys can try it Wow blue on equals blow on

Ted that is some strong language for Blue one okay that's some strong Language for the guys who are brand Agnostic that's why Ted doesn't like Them it's like because they're brand Agnostic if they liked only a certain Brand that's like a choo choo He might be happy he might be happy with That Joe Shearer says a blue one brought him A sandwich to his job site and when they Got there they had a bag on it and they Said I'm looking for Justin Hernandez And no one raised their hand

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