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Today as well i am a student and try to learn something from others you also learn this that you don't have to open it now let me open it and show you whats inside it Forever Tech Into Friends today we will unbox this value company vacuum pump who's moto is value creates value and today's topic is that we will unbox the vacuum pump and tell you how you can work on it so lets unbox it and tell you what will you get in the box when we have open the box we got three things first of all is its operating manual by reading it you can learn to operate it other than that we got an oil bottle and as you can see this oil bottle already we have filled the pump with oil almost leveled it the max and you can find the oil in markets used in compressors if you don't find this oil you can use compressor oil as well other than that you will have a vacuum pump it has a compressor type pump inside it and at its back it has a motor and the junction box which has the electric supply in it and at the front it has a compressor attached here so first of all you have to fill oil in it so you will fill oil in it let me zoom it as you can see oil is written on it so you have to fill oil here but how? Open it after opening it fill oil in this hole anf the oil level how much it should be let me show you right now you can see that I have already fill oil in it so see the minimum and maximum i have filled it till the max value we can use it till the minimum value if it exceed from minimum value so you can't use it but always keep it at max it will be the best the chances of getting faulty will be less and now here we will tell you vacuum pump is good machine to vacuum any kind of system and if you normally vacuum with refrigerators and air conditioner compressors it will not vacuum 100% and if we see this pump specifications so let me show you when we see here its model no is written here rather than this free air displacement its 2.0 CFM means 2.0 Cubic Feet per Minute and it has a vacuum capacity of 150 microns which is good capacity when you will use it your system will vacuum properly so when you use a normal compressor it has no chances of vacuuming 100% other than that let me tell you that it has other normal functions it has a motor and a fan which cools it it has a heat sink type of aluminium body and when air blows it cools it down other than that its junction box i have already told you now here the main purpose is vacuuming it so when you open it here and you will fit 1/4 flare nut here and the charging lines we use attach it with the system and this is suction point and its discharge point is here and you dont have to uncap the discharge point from here rather you have to keep it here and see today as well i am a student and i try to learn from other today as well so you also learn this that you don't have to open it when you vacuuming the system rather you have to keep it close because when it will be close its system will save because when it operates a noise can be listened in it and that noise as well get finished other than that the oil does not get out of the pump now let me open it and show you how it works because most of the friends get confused that where is its discharge point let me show you how its works now i will open it and show you whats inside it because most of the friends gets confused but no need to get confused because today we will make you learn that how will you do it so i by fixing nose plier in it i have opened it now we will push it outside it has came out of the cap company has made a great system in it see it has a metal filter on top and after the metal filter it has another filter below it after this if we watch it carefully so see it has holes inside it it has three holes inside it it has three holes inside i am waving my hands behind it and the air gets out of this holes and this is a good system and it has one fault in it that if the pump gets bend by you the oil will came out of these holes so be carefull that don't bend or keep the pump in a sideway position

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