ac repair in hindi urdu (part 4) english subtitle

hello friends welcome to my channel plz sub like and share my videos in this video i will show how to reinstal
your ac after service i have 3 videos about ac service link in description first we fix ac pipes i alredy put some sealing tape on terminals joints make sure moderate fix not hard fix otherwise copper flare may be broken now make connections that are main supply neutral wire goes to kit and phase wire goes to relay that wires are outdoor unit on of them goes to neutral on kit neutral wire goes to kit and phase go to top point of relay now i am fixing water drain pipe put some packing tape on it putt top cover of ac on it now we are opening gas valve we are releasing some gas from this valve and draining by this valve by pressing with l key tool air will gone out by the pressure of gas this is very very important now open this valve for 3 to 5 seconds after it close that valve this is an other unit dont confuse check gas leakage if gas is leaking tight the pipe terminals with wrench tool but not so hard check carefully now open valve of both pipes make half turn back now open this valve at the end half turn back close all caps and check for leakage if caps are leaking apply some sealing tape and close caps i rolled this tape on pipes to look better plz like and share

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