Multiple Problems On A No Cooling Call ☎️

good morning guys in today's 
video i have a weekend call   where i ended up replacing a condenser 
fan motor but there are other issues   there that we do intend to return and correct 
as soon as we can like early next week maybe   and um it was not the best neighborhood to be 
in and i didn't feel safe but we got it done so   don't flip out about the disconnect in this coil 
because you know that works coming here it comes all right we do have a filter but look at this plus i think i hear vapor that sounds like vapor that liquid lime was really hot that ain't good my own i could tell my condenser was 
running because the liquid line was hot let me go get a umbrella right so 
i don't even have to take the panel off we have very stiff bearings i am back out on this one i'll just say this is a rough neighborhood and um i'm keeping my personal 
protective equipment close to me i actually ordered and picked up the exact motor for this um after coming out here i picked 
up another dual capacitor just to help make my job easier right now i'm anxious to get out from back here and more out towards where people can see me so so so so so so so thirteen and three this takes a three 1 6 10 75 same same motor so all right that's the wrong oh there we go now we're lined up so i'm trying to be careful not to strip these all right let's go i'll still get put 
my blade on but we're gonna fix some reinstall and see if there's anything 
we can do with that evaporator coil so i'm hoping my capacitor will fit right in there so oh please oh it fits how about that that's a one in a million so so all right that one over there is my home and this one is my common so um you could use a contactor too think there's so much polishing i can do all right all right now we gotta go in see if there's anything we can do with that coal i know it's i know it's rough but this 
customer or this homeowner that's requested i try to limp 
this thing along as long as i can all right so i hope you enjoyed the 
video when i return i do intend to   bring you all along i do kind of like 
doing these videos so that you can see   not just the good parts of our job but some of the other parts so may not be as flashy as the the 
new installs and whatnot so thanks for watching   i appreciate the support happy mother's 
day to all the mothers out there   and i'll catch y'all in the next you


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