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Thank you Thank you [Applause] So from building the shop and all the Concrete we were left with a lot of dirt So today We are getting rid of all that dirt the Guys just showed up With a dump truck and a skid steer and We're finally going to be getting rid of All that dirt so that's going to be Really nice [Music] Foreign So this week what we're going to be Doing is obviously we're getting rid of All the dirt here that was accumulated From building the shop and then also There's a shed back there that I want to Get moved to the back side of the shop And that's going to be where we're going To store all of our normal Landscaping Lawn mowers uh kids bikes all that kind Of stuff because I want the shop to be Nice and free and clear for any projects Or uh you know video work or anything That I need to do in the future so Anyway what we're doing is I got to Transfer everything that's out of that Shed And uh get into the shop for now because The guy that needs to move it won't be Able to move it if it's full so we're Gonna work on that getting everything

Taken out on that this week but for Right now we're just getting everything Out of the uh out of the van I kind of Loaded it up yesterday and Um yeah so we're just getting all that Cleaned out now and then I gotta go get The the trailer cleaned out because the Goal is to go is to pull the trailer Over there and just put everything in That trailer all at one time and uh just Make one trip over here and we should be Good to go All right so I gotta go ahead and drop Off the scrap equipment from a change Out that we did last week and then we Got some trash we got to get rid of as Well One thing to uh that I struggle with When it comes to trash owning a business Is I work out of my own Um my own home right I have the shop in The backyard so having like a dumpster Is just not feasible I don't really uh Trust that those big front loader um you Know trash trucks can drive down that Driveway and not like go off to the side And like bust up the concrete so anyway I don't really I don't really trust to Have that at the house So getting rid of trash is a task it Takes more time than it should Um I actually have three trash cans at The house so that way one of them we use For just our personal and then the other

Two you know we use for work related Stuff so and a lot of the times that's Still not even enough so I have to find Other businesses that I know and I ask For permission To allow me to put their trash in their Trash can whenever I have like a bigger Job or something so anyway it's those Little things you don't really think About when you're operating a business Out of your home out of your garage Um But it sure would be nice If I had an actual like commercial style Shop to where I could have a dumpster But As of right now it's that's what I gotta Do Foreign It's cool when you go to the same coffee Shop over and over and you get to know The Baristas there they get to know you And they uh write cool little things in Your cup like that Just puts a smile on your face Foreign Yeah so one thing to think about when Owning your own company or at least a Small company like this Is that you have to really do it all Yourself and that means you have to Clean out your own truck clean out your Own trailer haul off trash old equipment All of it and it just takes a lot of

Time so that's something that you really Need to take in uh consideration when You're trying to run your own company at Least at the size that I'm at right now So it's not like a huge deal but it's Just something you need to think about Because you got to get yourself prepped And ready for the jobs that are coming And you want to make sure that you know Your truck and your trailer and Everything is all cleaned out and ready To go So you just got to make sure you allot Some time for that Um and not let it get out of hand that's The biggest thing and I'm the type of Person that I do not like to have a Bunch of trash and old equipment and all Of that just sitting around the house Sitting around the shop so like it's Super important for me to leave it on The trailer and then take it directly Get it cleaned drop off the old Equipment whatever it is Um and then that way I'm ready for the Next job I never remove it and put it in The shop Um so well generally speaking that's What I do But anyhow I need to run back to the Shop pick up the van because we have a Condenser motor that we need to swap out So we got to go pick up the motor from Ferguson first and uh

We'll get that swapped out [Music] Foreign Medical Center yes Oh man it never fails even if you order The parts and they're all paid for ahead Of time Ferguson is the slowest distributor that I have to deal with at least in my area It's ridiculous Ferguson come on Get it together Go Foreign [Music] Things I like to do when we're swapping Out a motor is to make sure that the Data plate the specs on the old motor Match up your new motor before you Actually even install it so that way you Know you're going to be good to go and Of course I have the wrong motor I was not the one who originally came Out here and diagnosed this Um so I didn't even know exactly what I Was getting into but Um anyhow I'm gonna have to run back to Ferguson now because I called them to Verify uh and they just gave me the Wrong motor off the shelf so anyhow this Is uh everything matched up except that This is a 825 RPM Motor they gave me a 1075 so Obviously we don't want that we want to Have the right amount of airflow across

This coil at all times so unfortunately I'm gonna have to pick everything up and Go get the new motor All right so got the new motor and we Are good to go get this thing swapped Out Get her tested Foreign Foreign Foreign So I'm not replacing the Run cap on this Because uh we checked it we verified That it was within spec so if it's not Bad there's no reason to replace it Um everything is wired up we should be Good to go I'm gonna verify the amp draw On the motor itself Not necessarily what's on the nameplate I always like to go on the motor So it's calling for 0.8 amps Let's get it fired up and See what we got A bit of a wobble to Think I'm actually gonna Recommend replacing the fan blade as Well Foreign [Music] Foreign Told the customer about the fan blade Um Unfortunately they don't even have it In stock so we're gonna have to come Back to do that anyway This unit is under warranty so all the

Parts are covered just not the labor Um which we're not going to charge any More labor for replacing that blade Since we're already in that area working That's kind of the way that I like to do It If I'm in that area and it's just a Quick swap then I'm not going to charge The customer for it But Anyway we got to get that motor or the The fan blade swapped more than likely That's the probably the reason why that Motor failed to begin with Um just because of that vibration it Could have just you know worn out the Bearings over time who knows but I don't Like it vibrating that much it should be A lot smoother So I visually inspected that blower I Mean the um the blade I didn't see any Cracks or anything it seemed like it was Nice and solid but obviously it's just Somewhat out of balance so that's why It's vibrating a little bit like that But anyway At least for right now they've got their Pump running again and uh or at least I Should say running the way it should So they should be fine until we get back To replace that fan blade but uh that's Pretty much it guys I just wanted you to Come along with me today and check out a Few things that we were working on

Um but we're gonna head back to the shop We're gonna see what that dirt Mound Looks like hopefully it's either gone or Or close to it And uh we can start getting things moved Out of that shed and start doing some Organization so anyway if you guys liked This video you got something out of it You can find some value in it give it a Thumbs up let me know what you think in The comments down below until next time See you guys later [Music]

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