👀 MILWAUKEE vs DeWALT Showdown, Which One DOMINATES!?

i'm a dewalt guy and i'm a milwaukee guy but 
honestly we just love power tools. today we   battle out two power tool titans and these brands 
dominate job sites and homes around the world.   tell us in the comments below what your favorite 
brand is and why but honestly it usually comes   down to red or yellow. that's true. these are the 
flagship impact drivers for both of these brands   and impact drivers are the go-to tool for 
tradesmen handymen and homeowners. we have   both personally used these tools in our 
handyman business for years. on paper these   things are almost identical we'll find out 
here in a second how they do head to head.   one thing i don't like about this tool is the one 
led light underneath. when i go to put a screw in   my hands block in the light.

One thing i like 
about the dewalts design is three powerful leds   light up the surface a lot better. one thing i 
wish was a little different on my dewalt is the   speed control. it's really clunky and plasticky 
where his he has a button that goes from different   selections. first we're gonna do an eight 
inch deck screw and then we're going to do   a six inch half inch lag screw that's about 
the size of my pinky. three two one go. she's just warming up just 
warming up. this is a little   fumes or something you need water? oh i was 
on two! what! you gotta be kidding me! okay,   we'll have to do that one again. i really gotta 
hold on all this power, boy! three two one oh yeah! man got me! close!   like last time, the only rule is if your tool 
loses, you have to SUBSCRIBE!!!! three two one well, you made it! well dewalt took this one but at 
least milwaukee had the 12-volt round!   i don't like that either…


what what am i 
doing?? that wasn't part of the script! Okay.

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