Ако Тези Кадри не Бяха Заснети с Дрон, Никой Нямаше да Повярва

Hello friends! With you is Ayhan Infire and today in this video I will show you the most unusual phenomena and moments that no one would believe. If they weren't filmed by a drone You will say that Bigfoot is just a legend, but many in North America believe in it. Of course, supporters of the existence of this demi-human cannot boast of a large evidence base, but soon everything may change.

For example, here is a video taken by a drone in a wooded area in the state of Ohio. Mid 1980s: Bigfoot has been seen here more than 40 times. And in 2017, luck finally smiled on a local drone enthusiast. He claims that during a flight over the park, his camera was able to record the appearance of the legendary monster. And here's a small freeze frame from that video. If you carefully study the left edge of the frame, you will notice a strange figure in the branches with its outline resembling a tall humanoid being. Could it really be the legendary Bigfoot or is it a clever hoax? You decide. A few years ago in the marshes of the English county of Staffordshire, a well-known ghost was seen by the locals for the first time in several decades . This is the ghost of a black-eyed girl. She is the heroine of many stories and fairy tales that are read not only by children, but also by adults of Misty Albion. The ghost began to frighten the people of Staffordshire in the early 1980s. He has previously appeared elsewhere on the island nation.

It was mainly seen in forests and swamps. Not everyone has seen the ghost with their own eyes, but many claim to have heard bloodcurdling screams in the woods. And now a video of Kenneth Chase has appeared on social networks. The man claims that his drone was able to capture the ghost of the same girl. Of course, watching the video it's hard to say unequivocally what's in front of us, but it definitely looks like a ghost. Vulcan Ambrym The invention of drones simplified life not only for lovers of mysticism. This unique recording also appeared on the web only thanks to a flying camera. It was taken above the mouth of the Ambrim volcano in the Pacific country of Vanuatu. The drone operator spent it in close proximity to the estuary, which is still active today. But it hasn't been without problems. In the first surviving video, we can see up close hot lava flows slowly sliding down the mountainside. There are even people on the second recording. The brave researchers could not resist and decided to go down closer to see the mouth of the volcano with their own eyes. However, even with special protection, they cannot help but approach, fearing for their lives.

Drones can, of course, get much closer, but their capabilities are limited by physics. In the immediate vicinity of the epicenter, the temperature is so high that objects begin to burn, even if they were not in direct contact with the lava. It is known that the team of researchers during the filming process lost two quadcopters in the depths of the crater. Fortunately, they managed to save the footage with recordings. Fagradalsfjall Volcano And here is another sacrifice in the name of art and science. An Icelandic photographer sacrificed his drone for spectacular footage of the volcanic eruption that happened years ago to capture the incredible beauty that unfolded 30 kilometers from Reykjavik.

A man filmed an eruption inside an Icelandic volcano with a drone. To do this, he had to send the drone inside the volcano. There, the drone dies heroically after managing to send a video broadcast to the owner. The video was posted on YouTube and Facebook, where it quickly gained a huge number of views. With the help of drones, you can capture not only wonderful volcanic eruptions and mystical creatures, but also something more unusual. For example, sharks surrounding surfers, a worker repairing a 140-meter tower, or the most original way to graze sheep. Watch this video till the end and you will see these and many other interesting moments captured by a drone. You should not approach female animals that are busy caring for their offspring. And this rule applies to all kinds of animals. This mother kangaroo was no exception.

The drone operator decided to fly closer to the animals to capture unique family footage. However, he did not take into account that the female would consider the hovering camera a possible threat to her offspring. Look, in just a few seconds she makes a decision and boldly rushes to attack. The operator hesitates and the animal manages to knock the drone to the ground with one movement. Tiger Shark Feast. In 2016, a group of tourists managed to capture an incredible video. Several tiger sharks have found a whale carcass floating on the surface. Of course, predators could not miss such a dinner. Gradually, the sharks became more and more, and the red cloud around the carcass spread farther and farther. One of the tourists decided to launch his drone to capture a bird's-eye view of the unusual accumulation.

Even looking at it is horrifying, and I really don't want to imagine myself in the place of tourists who were only a few meters away from such a frightening event. Underwater filming. Everyone knows that the world's oceans have not yet been fully explored. But we know little even about these creatures that we have known for a long time. With the development of technology, marine biologists have a unique chance to learn more about the underwater world by sending special drones into the depths that they can photograph without disturbing the tranquility of the ecosystem. Some cameras can even be mounted on the sea creatures themselves. But ordinary aerial drones also play an important role in studying the ocean. Their use is much more economical and efficient than airplanes or helicopters. In addition, scientific drones can fly in almost any weather condition without losing speed.

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And not only scientists use them. Marine videographer Dave Anderson launches his drones off the coast of California where he founded a whale and dolphin watching tour agency. Dave is not only a photographer, but also a scientist and experienced sailor. Thanks to his efforts, in 2014 the world saw several documentaries including about the migration of dolphins and humpback whales. There really is a lot to see! No wonder Dave's movies collectively rack up millions of views. Dolphins are amazing creatures. These are some of the fastest sea creatures that can reach speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour. According to scientists, jumping out of the water, dolphins tend to accelerate even more, since air resistance is much less than water resistance. And some experts believe that we know too little about these creatures and that jumping above the surface may have other purposes. The California coast, where Anderson shoots his films, boasts the largest population of dolphins in the world. On this small territory can live from 10 to 40 thousand. Most of us see cell towers every day, but pay little attention to them.

Have you ever wondered who maintains and repairs these giants and how to get to the top if something suddenly breaks down at high altitude? The height of the cell tower is about 30 meters, but sometimes it can reach 60-70 meters. To climb to its top, you have to overcome several times the distance of the most ordinary fire escapes. But I'll show you something cooler. A tower whose height is as much as 140 meters. Do you think they figured out some other way to climb that tower? Not at all.

The principle is the same. Imagine the nerves and stamina that such a trip costs workers because it is still necessary to constantly move the insurance fasteners. It gets especially scary at the very top, where the stairs end and the buttresses begin to narrow. Even those who are not afraid of heights will feel uncomfortable after watching this video. Sharks surround surfers. This video was shot off the coast of South Africa from a bird's eye view. We see a surfer who does not even suspect that he has not been alone for a long time.

And such a video is not rare. In these places, sharks often swim closer to shore in search of food, where they meet surfers who swim straight into danger in search of waves. Authorities on some beaches are already considering launching drones on a regular basis. After all, they perfectly help to track the position of sharks and warn people who are in the water in time. Today, drones are used not only for fun, but also for benefit. For example, Irish farmer Paul Brennan uses modern technology to raise sheep remotely. Brennan originally bought the drone for fun. The man quickly mastered the flying camera, which allows him to observe the surroundings, and begins to fly over the surrounding fields and capture the harvest and other everyday moments. But one day Paul noticed that the sheep were frightened by the sound of an approaching drone and ran away from it, and not freely, but all in one direction. If he points the drone in the right direction, he can control the herd from a distance.

The farmer took a video and woke up famous. His video has garnered over one million views. But New Zealand farmers have gone even further. They've equipped the drone with a speaker that plays dog barks and other sounds that help herd herds. The device allows not only to track where the animals are, but also to check whether there is enough grass and water in the pasture. I was Ayhan Infire, did you guys like the video? If you liked the video, don't forget a like, a comment and subscribe with the bell And if you really liked the video, I would be happy if you shared it on social networks, this way you help me and my channel to grow and develop Expect many new and interesting videos very soon.

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