Water đź’¦ Problems – In A Really Hot Attic

today was a crazy hot day everywhere 
i went it was smoking hot the video i   have for you today was of a water emergency 
she had water pouring through her ceiling   this weekend but when i got up in the 
attic i didn't see any water here it comes all right this lady had water 
dripping through her ceiling and as you see the drain pan is dry well i'm not sure where it came from okay this drain looks a little sketchy   what is intended to be the p-trap is not the 
p-trap the p-trap is actually right through here and over there you see how that that dips down right 
there and this right here is elevated but i'm not seeing anything that could have caused 
water to drip through our ceiling   i might have to go outside and check it out let's check pressures real quick it's okay it's okay it's okay oh kind of high superheat but 
it's really hot out there so that's starting to get cold coming back it's all oh my word that's not even 
that's not even connected oh so i'm gonna have to cut that off i'd say the dream was clogged up all right i'm gonna make some 
improvements to this train   i'm gonna redo that joint 
because that looks mighty loose i'm gonna strap this up we're gonna put a 
vent in it and uh i may reuse this right here but i'm fixing to redo that joint 
we're gonna put in another mip and tighten that thing up let that get nice and sealed and i'm gonna 
tighten that up real good and we're gonna redo the the p-trap and strap this off 
all right i've got that nice and i tight i'm gonna put my p-trap out here you know what i may do something different that p-trap looks like it's wow i hope i brought enough pvc fittings okay all right we need a short little piece okay okay that was for my yeah i'm gonna leave that later so all right short piece here and yes i've got one more elbow all right all right i'm gonna have to stitch that together a little bit all right um all right so i brought i thought 
i brought some strap up here oh yeah leave it outside i brought some strap or at least i thought i did to strap that up and help hold it up well i must have left it on the ground outside put a strap on this to help hold it up and then 
i think i'm gonna put me a float right there is that too much i think it is i still think that's too much all right that's better i decided to go get one of 
these and put in right here to help prevent water coming 
through her ceiling again this is one of those where you know water's been here but because you can see it in the ceiling but you don't see signs of it up here 
and there ain't no plumbing up here dang where my my needle nose great i use those needle nose for everything nice and tight i have lost my needle nerves so so oh i didn't i don't have a pen do it hmm so all right finished product that might be ever so slightly at an angle that looks better all right almost forgot to do that um i do not know how hot it was in that attic   but i was drenched when i came out i did stay 
long enough to make sure it was draining outside thanks for watching guys and 
i've got one for you tomorrow

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