4 Year Old Ruud Achiever Not Maintaining Temperature when itā€™s Hot šŸ„µ

hey guys it is bright and early this morningĀ 
i'm just well i'm wanting to get started butĀ Ā  my wife has me staying at home because i feltĀ 
a little bit under the weather last nightĀ Ā  and you may be able to hear it in my voice soĀ 
out of precaution to others i'm staying at homeĀ Ā  but i do have a video for you i've i have severalĀ 
lined up that i can do this one is of a customerĀ Ā  who complained that his air conditioner was notĀ 
keeping up when it was really hot here it comes all right this customerĀ 
said it is not cooling right this is one we installed um two three years ago all right let's see what our pressures are 382 143 that on the head pressure looks a little bit high but i can see through the hole hmm i'm gonna check put some probes inside and check i have let those probes sit for a little whileĀ Ā  and as you see i'm getting a 12.7Ā 
degree temp drop that is not enough he might survive with 14 but not 12.


I mean that hole did not look dirtyĀ 
but i might need to wash it he's got poorĀ Ā  airflow in some rooms so i want to make sureĀ 
we don't have some kind of problem down here hmm well somebody's been crawling all over that foreign hmm oh do we have a break in our return right there it's looking like it's possible right up there and this is a room that had poor airflow i want y'all to see what i just felt now that return seam is wide open soĀ 
it's sucking here in from down here it seems been broken all right that's not something i can fix today lookĀ 
but we can make sure everything else is right hmm here's my package unit that breaking theĀ 
returns like seven feet from this right here so i'm not sure the air that it may be pulling inĀ 
from under the house is it gonna be cool you knowĀ Ā  it may be hot i'm gonna go getĀ 
one of my probes and put itĀ Ā  under the house and see what the temperatureĀ 
is when was the last time he was out uhĀ Ā  they come annually you know we had toĀ 
replace that one time before and i told himĀ Ā  well your return is broken wide openĀ 
where they've been crawling over it i mean that's what it looks like to me andĀ 
it's sucking in air from under the houseĀ Ā  and normally that would be cool and it wouldn'tĀ 
be a problem but when it's 105 degrees outsideĀ Ā  it may not be cool down there i'll put thisĀ Ā  close well far enough in so i can readĀ 
the actual temperature under the house um okay it looks like it hasĀ 
settled out at about 78.3 degreesĀ Ā  under the house and it's 96.8 out here already 78.2 it's been down there about 10 minutes already well guys um i may be going back to do a pmĀ 
on that thing wash off the coils remove theĀ Ā  leaves help it perform a little better but weĀ 
do need to correct that problem under the houseĀ Ā  it was 76 inside and two to three degreesĀ Ā  hotter under the house so if it's sucking in thatĀ 
air that's going to adversely affect my temp dropĀ Ā  i thought you all enjoyed this video if you agreeĀ 
with my diagnosis maybe washing the coil andĀ Ā  repairing the duct work leave some comments belowĀ 
thanks for watching i'll catch you on the next one

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