🧰 Breaking Tool News! Milwaukee Wireless Dust Control Adapter and Remote Kit😲

welcome back creators we're attrusted shoppieguy.com and today we are in the workshop it's been almost two weeks since milwaukee's new pipelines of 2022 was announced but apparently milwaukee still has a few surprises up its sleeves with that said they just unveiled the all-new milwaukee wireless dust control adapter and remote kit this device gives you remote activation capabilities to any corded vacuum or dust extractor it comes in two pieces with a wall plug that connects between your vacuum and ac power in a remote milwaukee states that the remote can pair to the adapter in as little as 3 seconds or less it's also reported that the remote has a few led status indicators that show and pairing is successful or when the vacuum or dust extractor is in operation probably the most impressive feature about the remote is its wide range of up to 100 feet although it already looks to be quite compact and portable its remote's wide range is another one of milwaukee's advantages over other competing remote activation products in addition to being more compact and other options it also allows for multiple remotes to sync up and activate the same adapter the adapter is reported to be compatible with any corded vacuum or dust extractor and can even pair multiple remotes to the same adapter which will improve workflow in shared working environments such as job sites the plug-in adapter can be used with standard outlets and receptacles and is heal listed for usa and canada it's rated for 120 volts devices up to 12 amperes as far as what to expect inside the box the set comes with a wireless dust control adapter the remote a velcro strap and a belt clip with a price tag of 119 us dollars for the set and 49 us dollars for each additional remote you can expect to see the milwaukee wireless dust control adapter and remote kit on shelves by july to august 2022 and there you have it folks our break until news if you like this video and it helps you in any way please do give it a like and hit the subscribe button so that you can stay connected and updated with all of our research into everything that makes our workshops great we'll look forward to seeing you at the trusted shoppieguy.com again soon

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